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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Peter & The Pumpkin Patch by Andrew & Patti Miller

When Peter's family moves into the city, everything is different for Peter. Now they are living in an apartment instead of a house, but at last he meets Emily, who lives in the same building. Emily has a magical garden on the rooftop but Peter has no idea how that garden is about to change his life!

Meet Andrew & Patti Miller, the husband and wife author team. They live in sunny Las Vegas with their three plotting, and now famous, furry children Elliot, Sophie, and Tessa, who, by the way, is the star of her own book: The Trouble with Tessa. They write for a young adult and children's audience.

Andrew & Patti's website

Happy Halloween! anthology

This Halloween anthology has something for everyone! It's perfect for 
reading by the the fire with a cup of hot spiced cider in hand! 

All Hallow's Eve by Cathy MacKenzie perfectly sets the scene for a 
spooky Halloween! 

A Halloween To Remember 
by AP Miller is a story of love, loss, and love
refound that you won't want to miss. 

An Irish Halloween by Kiki Howell is a sweet tale of one woman's search
for the parents who gave her up for adoption. But what she finds in
Ireland is much more than she ever expected.

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Love's Golden Dream by Bobbie Shafer

Aimee Amelia McKay was an innocent lady of society until she met Marcus Alexander, who told her everything she wanted to hear. Against her father’s wishes, Aimee ran away to California with Marcus and wound up an abused, neglected, and battered woman. After managing to hold onto a few of her mother’s jewels that Marcus hadn’t yet gambled away, Aimee escaped, bought passage on a ship heading to South Carolina via South America. Finally, she would be free but with no place to go, she only hoped she would be able to start a new life far from Marcus’ reach.

During the voyage, Aimee learned the ship’s cargo hold was full of gold from the mines in California, headed to New York. She also met Abram, an elderly Jewish man, whom she befriended. However, that trip would never see New York City. While in the warm gulf waters, the ship ran into a hurricane and began to sink. Only women and children were allowed into the lifeboats but before Aimee was lowered down, Abram thrust his satchel and money belt, both filled with gold, to her. Watching from a distance, the women witnessed the ship sink believing every man left aboard perished.

When the survivors arrived in Charleston, Aimee had a plan. She would escape not only the chance of Marcus finding her, she would become someone else completely – someone Marcus would never recognize. Arriving in Sycamore Grove, Aimee settles into life as Mack Kaymey, a wealthy man who lost his family, and with ill health, only wishes to buy a home and remain secluded for the rest of his life. But when a young, Negro boy appears, Mr. Kaymey discovers a camp of runaway slaves living nearby, and sets out to help them.

But it seems that no matter how well we cover our tracks, the past and the truth has a way of finding us. Can Mack Kaymey avoid Aimee McKay and her problems forever, or will Love’s Golden Dream finally find her in spite of herself?

Author Bobbie Shafer brings her first full-length novel to life in the first of the Secrets of Eagle Creek books, Love’s Golden Dream.  (Dancing With Bear Publishing –, 520 pp., paperback, $12.99, release date 10/15/2011). Bobbie Shafer does a wonderful job of bringing the serious subject of domestic violence to the forefront of a novel that will leave you cheering for the heroine and swooning for the hero. Love’s Golden Dream is an instant hit with romance lovers everywhere, and a perfect read for the long, winter days ahead.

Bobbie Shafer is the author of over 300 short stories. Love's Golden Dream is her first full-length novel. She is a member of the Texas Writer's Guild, married, mother of four, and lives in south Texas.