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Friday, July 29, 2011

My Big Brother by Ike Rose

Title: My Big Brother
Author: Ike Rose
Release Date: 7/31/2011
Publisher: JMS Books
Genre: M/M Erotic Romance, historical

May 1968. High school bodybuilding champ Ed Green is excited and eager to celebrate his 18th birthday. As a "legal adult" now, he can drink with his older buddies. With graduation just around the corner, he will soon be able to move away from his alcoholic father and Dad’s sluttish young girlfriend, who’s set her sights on Ed.

But the main reason for Ed’s excitement is he’ll be seeing his older step-brother, Johnny, a Marine hero from Vietnam whom he hasn't seen since puberty. The two aren’t related by blood, but they grew up together and Ed has always looked up to his older “brother.” The last time they saw each other, Ed was a shy, short kid with thick glasses. Then Johnny had been Ed’s personal hero and protector, and his move to California devastated his younger “brother.” Now Ed plans to surprise Johnny with muscular changes to his formerly scrawny, weak body.
Only one thing has Ed worried. Though he dates girls, he’s known for a while now that he’s sexually attracted to older men. John will have to share Ed’s bed in the small house for the next few weeks, which makes Ed worry about hiding his lust for the man he's always had a crush on.
How will the hunky Marine react when he learns that not only is his kid brother gay, but Ed has the hots for him, too? Will sharing a bed with his macho big brother lead to Ed's best birthday gift ever?

Welcome to Sizzling Releases, Ike Rose. I’m so pleased you could join me today. What is your Sizzling Release?
An erotic coming-of-age romance called My Big Brother.

What is My Big Brother all about?
A young blue-collar man is turning eighteen in 1968. Ed Green is excited about his planned upcoming reunion with his beloved older stepbrother, Johnny, an about to be discharged Marine hero from Vietnam who he hadn't seen since puberty hit Ed hard, bringing massive changes to his formerly scrawny body. They were separated by the divorce of their parents.

Ed is also worried about their reunion. Although he's only had sex with girls, giving heterosexuality an ample tryout, the star bodybuilder is aware of his sexual attraction to masculine, cigar-smoking men. In working class Brooklyn in 1968, he has no polite words to describe these urges he's never acted on, but the focus of his earliest masturbatory fantasies was Johnny, who will be sharing his bed during the visit.

Ed gets home from school to find his “big brother” sitting on the porch in full uniform, smoking a cigar, waiting for a night of booze-fueled male bonding. Ed is excited and nervous, but now hopeful that perhaps his gay fantasies will come true. Losing his virginity to his macho big stepbrother would be his best birthday gift ever.  

How did you come up with the idea?
It came about as a discussion of fantasies with an online friend. He ended up challenging me to write a tale focusing on an incest fantasy. I did two: this one, and one with a young man who was adopted falling in love with a man who turned out to be his birth father. My friend provided the idea of stepbrothers, my own fantasies provided the men.

I mostly write about my own period of coming-out, the late 1960's until the mid-1980's. I consider myself a historical romance writer, educating readers about a recent period when gay life was very different.

As a multi-published author, what advice do you have for those just beginning a career as a writer?
First, get feedback: I started off posting my early stories on the NIFTY Archives ( ), adding an email address at the end of each story for feedback. I made sure I answered every fan letter, and solicited more comments by sending out a “newsletter” to these fans whenever I post a new story there. This helped me get confidence as a writer and to discover that even non-erotic romances were liked by my readers.

Second: “Keep Submitting”, and never abandon a story you like. My first published story had been previously rejected. When I saw a Call For Submissions on the Erotic Readers and Writers Association's website for a similar theme, I rewrote the old story to fit the new criteria, ending up with a much better romance four times the size of the original. The ERWA website is a great resource:

Tell the readers about your backlist.
This is my first story with JMS, a relatively new (one year old this month) company which calls itself “A Queer Small Press”. My first story was e-published in a Valentine's Day anthology called My Sexy Valentine by Sizzler Editions, who plans to release the book in print form for Christmas, 2011.

My series of short erotic romances featuring non-traditional relationships between men, called The ManLove Miniatures, is available from Smashwords at . They are 25% off during July.

What are you working on now?
I've been posting chapters of a new book, My Blue Angel, on the It's Raining Men blog ( ), which I co-write. It's my weekly posting as a Work In Progress, and my first interracial romance. The book is part of a planned series called The Rainbow Men, with each book having a color in the title, and a main character suggested by the color.

What does your family and friends think about you being a published author?
My lover of twenty-nine years is proud as punch, but he has trouble understanding that I see my characters as real people. I think he's jealous of how much attention I pay to them.

Do you have an evil day job, and if you do, how do you find time to write?
I'm a retired social worker, which I think gives me added insight into characterization. My lover works odd hours, so I have a good deal of time alone to live with characters.

Do you have a favorite character you’ve written but still think about?
A number of them. My favorites tend to be minor characters who the readers only get to glimpse and wonder about, but for whom I've created an elaborate back-story.

July is all about celebration. How does your family celebrate the 4th of July?
Since my birthday is July 2nd, the Fourth takes second place. My family is small, and my nephews are usually away for the summer, so we don't do anything other than a dinner for me when all the family can make it.

Hotdogs or hamburgers?
Take-out Chinese food or Indian food!

Watching community fireworks shows or having them at home?
Does the bed count?? LOL
Thank you so much for being here. Is there anything else you’d like the readers to know?
The photographer for my cover for My Big Brother is a talented young man from Russia, Andrei, who can be found at

And before we go, can we get an excerpt from My Big Brother?
Of course!

I went into the kitchen, returning with a six-pack of beer, beginning a night of drinking as we renewed our bond. In some ways, it was as if we had never been apart, since we had kept in touch so closely by mail, but in other ways, we were strangers. The last time we had seen each other, John shaved twice a month, while I had no hair on my body. Now, I  looked bigger than him because I was more muscular. We established that after three boilermakers, when he stripped to his skivvies so we could stand in the mirror and compare.
John had a great body. There was no question about it; the Marines do know how to build men. But I'd spent the last two years working on my shoulders, legs, arms and chest, so although I was over four years his junior, my hairy chest and body compared to his almost hairless body made me look more mature and larger. We were the same height, but I massed more. We stood there looking at each other in the big mirror in the hall. I admired a small Marine tattoo on his left pec, drunk enough to run my hand over it. My hand touched his nipple, and he moaned.
It was then that I finally noticed two things. Both of my stepbrother’s nipples were erect and the size of erasers, while both of us were sporting hard-ons. Confused, I walked over to the sofa to think. It had to be a coincidence. John was a fucking Marine. A leatherneck couldn’t be queer like me?
John interrupted my bewildered thoughts, “Hey, Squirt, do you get high?” I guess I looked confused. “You know, pot?” He mimed smoking a joint.
“Yeah, sure I do. Why?”
“’Cause I got some excellent shit I smuggled back from ‘Nam upstairs in my trunk. Let’s go up to our room and get wasted, Squirt.”
“Sure, Shrimp-dick.” He stared at me, startled. “I wanted to see how you liked being called a demeaning nickname. I don’t think I qualify as Squirt anymore, do you?”
He grinned. “Hell, Squirt, you can call me anything you want. I can still kick your fucking ass after my leg heals.”
“Do you need me to carry you up the stairs, Baby-balls?” We broke into drunken laughter as he struggled up the stairs in front of me. I stared at his muscular ass moving in the thin cotton skivvies. I realized that this was not only going to be a long night; it was going to be a long visit, with a hell of a lot of cold showers. Suddenly the idea of dating and fucking girls as second best seemed almost acceptable. Maybe I'd get John some double dates so I could get to watch him fucking them. I even started to think of which girls I'd fucked who might agree to being shared, figuring that was as close as I'd ever get to having sex with my stepbrother.
We sat on the bed as we smoked the joint, and a second one. By then, I was so fucking horny that I had to tell Johnny the truth.
“Uh, John, if you’re going to be sleeping in this bed with me for about the next month there’s a tiny detail you gotta know about me.”
“What? You snore? I’ve been sleeping in a barracks with a hundred grunts, so I’m used to that. If you’re gonna tell me you jerk off, the same applies. Besides, I do, too.”
He giggled drunkenly as he gave me a punch on the arm that hurt.
“No. Now, nothing I ever wrote to you is a lie. Every one of the stories about girls is the truth. But... shit, you’re gonna beat the crap out of me, but I gotta tell you the truth. I’ve never done anything about it, but I’ve known for the last couple of years that I’m.. I’m...”
“You're what?”
I shouted, “I’m a fucking queer homo faggot!”
John sat and looked at me for a full minute. Then, his lips slowly spread in a huge grin. “So am I, little brother, so am I. And I've done a hell of a lot about it.”
I sat, staring at him dumbly as he grabbed my wrist to pull me towards him.
“I thought I’d dropped dead and went to queer heaven when you came down those stairs almost naked this afternoon. Fuck, you’re so damned hot, Squir…Ed. I’ve seen a lot of hot men in the last six years, but you’re the hottest I’ve ever seen. wouldn’t happen to be...?”
His entire beautiful body blushed.
“Hot for you? Johnny, I’ve been fucking horny for you since...Hell, I suppose since I was six years old. For about three years I beat off sniffing a sweatshirt of yours that I stole before you moved away. When I saw you smoking that cigar on the steps this afternoon, I just about shot a load in my pants, you looked so fucking hot.” I put a hand on his cheek, relishing the feel of a man's beard stubble for the first time. “Johnny, teach me. Show me what to do. I’m told I’m good in bed with chicks. Shouldn't that be a good start?”

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