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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Cold, Cold Heart by Viviane Brentanos

Title: Cold, Cold Heart
Author: Viviane Brentanos
Release Date: June 30 2011
Publisher: MuseItHot Publishing
Buy Link: TBA
Genre: Contemporary Romance {erotic – a bit}

Blurb: Daniel Haynes has the world at his feet- fame, fortune, so why does he feel so empty inside? What is his interest in Rachel Warner, a girl from a quiet Home Counties English town? Why does she hold the key to his happiness?
But Rachel Warner is scared. Daniel's interest in her threatens her ordered yet unsatisfying life because she has to live with the shadow of her ex-father-in-law breathing over her shoulder. Can she let go of her fears?

Welcome to Sizzling Releases, Viviane Brentanos. I’m so pleased you could join me today. What is your Sizzling Release? 
My sizzling release is called Cold, Cold Heart. This work was previously published back in 2007 with Wild Rose Press but I am delighted to have been given the chance by MuseItHot Publishing to breathe new life into it. I have revamped it and brought it up to date for 2011.

What is Cold, Cold Heart all about? 
Cold, Cold Heart is a story about a young woman struggling to keep her son free from the clutches of a bullying ex-husband and his father. Because of this, she has decided to give up on love and fun. She believes it is not for her. Enter one young, extremely handsome and too dangerously famous Daniel Haines. She cannot understand why a man who has everything would be interested in her. He, somehow, has to break through her barriers and thaw that cold, cold heart. But it is a journey fraught with tension and so much pain and – ultimately – great personal sacrifice. Although Cold deals with many serious issues i.e. psychological bullying, it is laced with what I like to think is my trademark caustic British wit. As a review from Alternative read said…. reading all day and half the night. I just couldn't put it down. I had to find out 'what happened next'. The reader will run the gamut of emotional highs and lows as they progress through this story. Laughter, tears, heartache, sadness, relief, you name it, you'll feel it. Great read. 

That is subject we hear about more and more. How did you come up with the idea?
Now this is a funny tale. Can you believe a dream starring – Eminem? In this dream, I was working as a PA to the manager of an exclusive country hotel. My job was to deal with the rich and famous. Eminem entered my office to apologize on behalf of his entourage. He turned out to be very polite and intelligent and too interested in me. From this, I developed the scenario for Cold, Cold Heart and, with the image of the delectable singer/song writer, Darren Hayes, in my head, my story took shape.

Eminem, huh? We won't go there right now! :) As a multi-published author, what advice do you have for those just beginning a career as a writer?
Perseverance. There is no short cut in this business. Write because you love it and not because you want to be the next JK Rawlings. Stay true to your voice. What will be will be. Even if that contract eludes you, it doesn’t mean your work is no good. There are writer worse and better than you out there. Keep at it.

Good advice. Tell the readers about your backlist.
I consider myself still very much a new author, even though Cold, Cold Heart is my fourth published single title romance.
Both my ‘Greek’ tales, Dreamweek and Fragile Dreams, can be found at Red Rose Publishing

And then we move on to Written in Stone and Cold, Cold Heart, both with MuseItHot Publishing – the slightly naughtier division of MuseItUp Publishing.

Hmmm...funny, I also have a title Written In Stone! What are you working on now?
Oh what can I say? I have so many ideas running around in my head. I do not know where to begin. I do have two manuscripts submitted to MuseItUp and I am keeping my fingers crossed. The first, Past Undone, is a bit of a departure for me – a romantic suspense, if you like, while the second, A Little Crushed, is a revamped ms from 2004 which is my baby and the one I will be most happy over if it is accepted. I am gearing up to begin on a new idea as soon as I begin work.

Do you have an evil day job, and if you do, how do you find time to write?
Evil day job? Oh I like that. I suppose some of the guests I work with can be evil – especially spoilt little kids who refuse to follow hotel rules. I am a hotel receptionist, by the way. I do like my job. It is interesting in that I get to meet lots of people who often provide me with storylines for my tales. I work the late shift – from 2pm to 10pm. Between two and five, most of the guests are either at the beach, by the pool or having a siesta. During this quiet time is when I will pen a new w.i.p. I write long hand so, it’s easy to pretend to anyone who passes through reception that I am hard at work on hotel business.

I smell promo op with that job! What sparks your imagination and gets your juices flowing?
Most of my scenarios have come from dreams. Don’t ask me why these stories unfold in my subconscious, they just do. I am also inspired by certain men I admire, singers, actors etc. I am a huge tennis fan and I adore Rafa Nadal so I am thinking this year’s w.i.p just may be on a tennis theme.

What does your family and friends think about you being a published author?
Ha ha – look, until I start bringing in the big bucks, I don’t think they take me seriously. It is just mummy’s little hobby – although my daughter has read my stuff and likes it. My son is too mortified that his mother can write such things. Let’s face it – all sons think their mothers had kids by Immaculate Conception.

It’s June and summer is upon us. Do you have any vacation plans?
Oh how I wish. As you know, I live on the beautiful Greek island of Corfu but, contrary to opinion, we do not spend all our summers on beaches. As I mentioned, I am employed seasonally as a hotel receptionist and I work four months solid, with not one day off. What with housework and family plus my writing, there is no time for the beach. I do, however, get to sip ice-cold beers with my friends, after work. Still beats living anywhere else.

Your life IS a summer vacation! I fully expect a deep hotel discount when I make it out your way! lol What is your favorite vacation memory?
Okay. Let’s go back to the early seventies for this one; before kids were spoiled on charter travel. My family was fortunate enough to have relatives living in the south of France and my French uncle also had a holiday apartment in Spain. Every summer, my family would drive through France, stopping off at the most wonderful little French Pensions. My favourite all-time memory is an overnight stop at a hotel in the town of Fontainebleau. We stayed in a room that was once used by the architect who helped design the palace at Fontainebleau. It was an amazing room. The best memory was eating a wonderful breakfast in the old walled garden. A beautiful summer morning, a jug of steaming café au lait, warm croissants and fresh butter. A pure delight.

Wow, what a great life! Now, Men: Speedo or trunks?
Is this for me? Can I answer this? Speedos – most times not – and definitely not white ones {too many memories of 80’s style Greek posers}. On the other hand, I hate the baggy down to the knees surfer dude look. It only works well if you are Matthew McConaughey. So, perfect male swimwear? Got to be those delicious little shorts Daniel Craig wore in Casino Royale but then – he is Daniel Craig

Ladies: Bikini, one-piece, tankini, or shorts and a t-shirt?
Mmm – good question, this. Being the proud owner of a series of scars, following double mastectomy, whatever I choose to wear can be a problem. At first, I was self-conscious and stuck to tankini’s but now I don’t care. Whatever makes me look thinner. Lol.

Good for you! And congratulations on being a cancer survivor. I know your readers are happy about that too! Lake, river, or ocean?
Ocean/sea every time. I can never understand why so many people will come on holiday, rent a room right on the beach front and then spend the next two weeks at a pool crammed with screaming kids, too many airbeds and skanky water. The sea is so good for you; wonderful for your skin, your muscles, just about everything.

Surfing or water skiing?
Never done either as I am as blind as a bat without my glasses. I did paraglide once. Once the exhilaration of getting up was done, it was pretty boring but, again, because I couldn’t wear my specs I couldn’t get to see much.

Snorkeling or scuba diving?
Love swimming but tend to get claustrophobic so snorkeling is a close as it gets for me. Even then I panic. I would rather swim underwater sans anything.

Thank you so much for being here. Is there anything else you’d like the readers to know?
Only that I thank everyone who has taken time out to read my interview. If anyone would like to leave a comment or has a question, feel free. There will be a free download as a prize.

And before we go, can we get a juicy excerpt from Cold, Cold Heart?

My pleasure, enjoy…….

Blood rushed to her head. His caressing tone made the hairs on the back of her neck stand up.
          “Rachel…. ” He held both her hands “I want to make love to you. For eleven years, you are all I've thought about. I can't get you out of my head. I don't want to get you out of my head.”
          She couldn't move, hypnotized. Her cheeks burned, her body trembled as his hands crept up her arms before resting on her shoulders. He wanted to kiss her, and as much as she wanted it too, she panicked.
          “I think we need a drink.” She jumped to her feet, cheeks so hot she could have toasted bread on them. It was nothing compared to the searing heat burning between her legs. “I-I need a drink. Would wine be okay? I think there's some in the fridge.”
          In the kitchen, Rachel made straight for the sink. “This isn't happening to me.” She moaned, splashing cold water on her face “I've got to get him out of here. Just one drink, and I'll send him packing.”
          She slammed cupboard doors open and shut, frantically searching for a decent glass. She didn't think he'd appreciate a Bob the Builder plastic tumbler. The fridge, to her immense relief, offered up its prize of bargain rack white from deep behind the yogurts. Now all she needed was a corkscrew.
          “Oh, where the bloody hell are you?” she muttered, pushing aside the ill-matched cutlery she'd never gotten around to sorting out. “Come on…. Oh!” She banged the drawer shut and froze. An arm curled around her waist, pulling her up against a hard, lean body. For a moment, she couldn't breathe. Daniel lifted up the heavy mane of hair from her neck. If he hadn't held her so tightly, she'd have buckled in his arms.
          “You're so beautiful,” he murmured, warm breath brushing her ear.
          Soft lips moved to the nape of her neck. Rachel closed her eyes against the blistering touch of his mouth on her skin. “Oh, Daniel, please…don't….”
          “Oh, Daniel, do!” he whispered, before turning her around to face him.
          One look into those eyes, and Rachel lost the battle.  With a low whimper, she slid her arms around him, unable to resist. He parted her lips, teasing with his tongue. White-hot desire exploded through her body. His kisses were exquisite—somehow she'd known they would be—soft and tender, driving her crazy as she released years of pent-up frustrations.
          Moving in tantalizing slowness, he brought his hands down to rest on her bottom, pulling her in closer against the hard length of him. The feel of him, pressed to her parted thighs excited her beyond words. As in a trance, she allowed her own hands to slide down to his hips, drawing him even closer. She embraced him while their hands explored each other. Before sliding under her top, his palms brushed against her stomach, stroking her burning skin. With one swift move, he pulled the camisole over her head. It thrilled her to see the desire in his eyes. Sweet kisses caressed her throat. He cupped her breasts, and she arched her back as, with a feather-light touch, he brushed over the tips. Winding her fingers through his shiny, thick hair, she buried her face in it, breathing the clean scent of him.
          “I want you so much,” he murmured. “Can you feel it?” He took her trembling hand and placed it on his hammering heart. “Here….” Slowly he guided her down to touch the hard bulge between his legs. “And here. Can you feel how much I need you?”
          “Daniel….” Her voice shook. She struggled to get the words out. Her own emotions spun out of control, but the feel of him against her hand sent a bubble of panic rising to the surface. “I want you, too, but…I'm scared.”
          “Shh.” He kissed her again while he moved her hand up and down the length of him. “You don't have to be afraid. I won't do anything if you don't want me to. But please don't push me away, darling. Let me stay with you tonight. Let me love you. I can't lose you now.”
          He continued his assault on her senses, caressing, and pushing her over the edge until she'd no hope of resistance.
          “You want me.” He smiled at her, looking confident, their hearts beating in unison. “Don’t you?”
          Rachel only nodded, unable to speak. With that one erotic, provocative smile, she was lost. Taking him by the hand, she led him upstairs.

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Friday, June 24, 2011

Midnight Mirage by Willa Edwards

Title: Midnight Mirage
Author: Willa Edwards
Release Date: June 8, 2011
Publisher: Siren Publishing
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Ménage Romance

Lincoln and Gabe, best friends and the hottest new alt-rock duo Mirage, only want one thing. Mallory. They’ve been waiting a year for Mallory to open her heart to both of them and accept the alternative relationship they wish for.
Mallory’s flattered by their attentions but can’t believe they’re any more than sweet words. They’re rock stars, surrounded by beautiful woman. They can’t possibly want a plain-Jane reporter like her.
When a crazed fan forces their hand, their protective instincts take over. Gabe and Lincoln aren’t willing to wait for their woman any longer. They initiate her with intense pleasure, ringing in the New Year in the naughtiest way possible. But when they whisper words of love and forever in her ear, she runs away.
Will Mallory be able to open her heart and return their affection, or will insecurity keep her from the men who love her?

Welcome to Sizzling Releases, Willa. I’m so pleased you could join me today. What is your Sizzling Release?
It’s great to be here Rie. Midnight Mirage is my newest release. It’s a contemporary ménage staring two hot rockstars, and an adventurous journalist as they celebrate a very naughty New Years Eve.

What is Midnight Mirage all about?
Midnight Mirage is really about opening yourself up to new experiences, especially love, and creating your own future based on what you want and not other’s expectations. My heroine, Mallory, has spent a great deal of her life hiding from what she truly loves, because of what her mother or friends thought of her. She’s closed herself off to new experiences, and even love. But Lincoln and Gabe are more than willing to help her catch up on lost time—on both counts.

That sounds sexy. How did you come up with the idea?
Since my story was set on New Year’s Eve, and I’m a New Yorker, I couldn’t think of anywhere more exciting to celebrate the holiday than Times Square. Once I decided my heroine was going to be at the ball drop, I had to give her a good reason. Because I’d been to Time Square for New Year’s, and it’s crowded, cold, noisy, with no bathrooms. The best reason I could think for her to be there was if she were part of the festivities. Since most of the celebrations involve popular musical acts, Lincoln and Gabe quickly evolved into yummy rockstars with some very hot results.

I know this is book number two in your Naughty Holiday List series. Did you begin writing with a series in mind, or did your muse take over?
When I started writing Naughty List, the first book, I knew I wanted it to be a series. The idea of women writing down lists of what they wanted in a man and then going out and getting it was too much fun to only do once. There were so many possibilities. But when I completed Naughty List it was just an idea. After I sold that story to Cobblestone Press I realized, Wow, I actually have to make this series work.

It’s taken some time and thought, but I now have all the other stories plotted and I’m very excited to write the rest of the series. Though Midnight Mirage might be the hottest, a few of the other stories will definitely be scorchers.

As a multi-published author, what advice do you have for those just beginning a career as a writer?
Play around, don’t be afraid to try new things, and find out what works for you. I wasted a lot of time trying to write what I thought authors were suppose to write, or how they were supposed to write. When I decided to do my own thing, it changed everything for me.

Make sure you write every day. I have many works that didn’t get work, or were rejected by publishers, before I received an acceptance. While I do have intentions to rewrite some of them and to keep submitting, I now can see why they were rejected. Yet if I hadn’t written them, I never would have improved to the stage I’m at now. And with each work I can feel myself develop even further. Writing is a continuing evolution. If you don’t do the work, you’ll never get better.

Great advice. Tell the readers about your backlist.
Naughty List (Naughty Holiday Lists – Book One)

Eric has been in love with Callie since the day they met, one month after someone else put a ring on her finger. Since her engagement ended Eric has been biding his time, waiting for her to be ready. Until he finds a naughty list of Christmas wishes hidden between her couch cushions with his name on the top.

He’s willing to do anything to make Callie happy, including take on the role of dominate Santa Claus and spank her to blow-your-stockings-off orgasm. But is she ready for everything he wants? Does she want his love?

What are you working on now?
Right now I’m working on the next installment in the Naughty Holiday List series. The next book will be Krista’s story, who made a cameo appearance in Naughty List and had a supporting role in Midnight Mirage. It will take place on Valentine’s Day. I’m really excited about Krista’s story, because it’s a very different story for me to write. I’m having a lot of fun with her and her beau, James.

Also I’m working on edits for a short story I wrote titled “Whatever You Want, Sir” which will be coming out with Whiskey Creek-Torrid.

Do you have an evil day job, and if you do, how do you find time to write?
I do have an evil day job now, though I do hope to be able to write full time at some point. Fitting in writing can be hard around all my other responsibilities, not only my day job, but also taking care of my home, myself and my furry babies (who are definitely a handful), my daughterly responsibilities and friends.

I find what works best for me is writing in small defined periods of time, usually a hour or so. If I only have a short period of time to work I tend to focus more, instead of being distracted by emails, people, TV, etc…since I simply don’t have the time. I try to get up an hour before work and focus that hour on writing. The same is true with my hour long lunch break at the EDJ (and I might take a little longer than that, but shh, don’t tell my boss). Then at night I try to write, which if the characters are really talking to me I will do. And if I’m not feeling motivated to write, I try to do edits, promotion, or play with the fur babies.  

What sparks your imagination and gets your juices flowing?
I love stories, of all kinds. Hearing or reading other peoples stories always stimulates my creative bone. I sometimes will read a book and think, that’s great but what if this happened, or that was okay, but it could’ve been better if this had happened.

I especially get in inspired by real life stories. The idea for my Naughty Holiday List series came from watching Oprah when she was discussing The Secret and a woman who wrote down her own list of desires for a partner and then found that man in the same apartment building. Whenever I read a story of a real romance, I always want to find a way to immortalize it in word.  I love being able to add that touch of reality to my works.

What does your family and friends think about you being a published author?
When I first told my family my story had been accepted no one was surprised. I’d been writing my entire life, and had been submitting for about a year. However now that it was going to be available to the world, I had to confess what I actually wrote. I’ve never let any of my family read my writing. And none of them knew I wrote romance, let alone erotic romance.  I had to deal with a lot of questions, like why do you write that? Have you ever done that?

While I’m not sure if any of my family is ever going to read my work, they’ve been very supportive, because they know this is my dream. And I know they all really like my covers.

What is your favorite vacation memory?
My favorite vacation ever was when I took a bus tour of Ireland with my family. I was studying at Cambridge in England at the time, and my whole family came over and we took a trip during one of my breaks. Even though it was June it was damp and chilly, but I still loved it (I’ve always been a big fan of rain). I loved climbing through the castles, spending time by the coast, and of course lots of Guinness.

I would recommend Ireland to anyone as a great place to travel. I love the Irish people. They have this very sarcastic sense of humor that often has me rolling, and lots of great authors and artisans. And the food and drink are great. As a vegetarian I was well feed everywhere we went (which I don’t find true in the States).

Ireland is my dream vacation! Now, something really important! Men: Speedo or trunks? 
Trunks definitely. There’s no way a man can look good in a Speedo unless he’s an underwear model (and the ones I have seen in Speedos usually aren’t).

Women: Bikini, one-piece, tankini, or shorts and a t-shirt? 
A guess shorts and t-shirt but you rarely see me in those either. I have fair Irish skin, and get sunburned indoors, so I try and limit sun exposure. On other women I think tankinis are cute. The best of both worlds.

Lake, river, or ocean? 
River. My grandfather has lived on the river my whole life and I had so many fond memories of being at his house, splashing along in the water, feeling the breeze cool the house down at night.

Surfing or water skiing? 
Neither. I’d rather just swim. I know I’m boring.

Snorkeling or scuba diving? 
I’d love to go scuba diving, but haven’t done it yet. It’s still on my bucket list.

And before we go, can we get a juicy excerpt from Midnight Mirage?
Of course.


 “Ready for your interview?” Mallory asked, her voice rumbling with unease as she took the final steps to meet Lincoln and Gabe, the duo who made up Mirage, the band she’d been sent to this New Year’s extravaganza to interview. The ground vibrated beneath her feet from the bass of the band still onstage. She looked up to meet their eyes, the focused heat of Lincoln and Gabe’s gaze burning her like a laser. Mallory tried to ignore the warm fluttering in her stomach at their stare, and the heat climbing up her face.
There was something different about the way they looked at her today. The way they’d watched her approach. Her reporter sense tingled.
She knew these men better than probably anyone else did, beside their mothers. In the year since she’d met them, they’d become the constant in her new, relentlessly-moving life spent searching for new stories and bands. Since she’d started her career last January she could only recall a few instances when she’d gone more than three weeks without running into Gabe and Lincoln. She’d interviewed every one of their opening acts, reported on the same award ceremonies and benefits they attended, and even ended up at the same hotel as they were during their vacation, which she’d arrived at to interview a different musician entirely.
At first it had seemed odd to her, too coincidental, but after a few months on the road she’d started to look forward to these chance meetings. Enjoying each moment with these men, basking in the attention they showed her, the flirting words and accidental touches of Gabe, and Lincoln’s deep eyes focused on her as he quizzed her about rock history.
“Of course.” Gabe’s British accent made him sound overly polite as he spoke. Though she knew he was anything but. He took a step closer to her, so she could smell the aftershave and warm sweat from his performance dabbled on his skin.
“Let’s start with what you two are planning.” Mallory looked back and forth between them, trying to determine the direction of their thoughts.
“We were trying to determine how to get you into bed with us,” Gabe stated matter-of-factly. He glided closer to her, fitting into one side like a key in a lock, while Lincoln circled around to the other, making her feel like she was being surrounded by hungry sharks.
She smiled, the twirl in her stomach increasing, as if she’d swallowed three of the helicopters she could hear circling the musical extravagance in the sky. They’d been flirting with her since the moment they’d met her. Every time she bumped into Lincoln and Gabe, they’d whisper wickedly seductive nothings in her ear that made her pussy gush with need. But there was a purr to Gabe’s voice today that held more promise than it usually did. As if this time he planned to make good on his flirts.
It wasn’t professional. She knew that. But it wasn’t uncommon for rock-and-roll journalists to get involved with their subjects. She probably should put a stop to it, but she’d be lying if she said she didn’t enjoy the attention of two gorgeous rock stars who could have any woman they wanted.
It wasn’t like they really meant any of it. Like all the other musicians she’d met, they were all talk and no follow-through.
“Right,” Mallory huffed. “That’s not enough to shut me up.”
 “We don’t want to shut you up.” Gabe’s hand traced her left side, the touch combined with his lyrical accent made her shiver, regardless of the almost-January cool air. His bleach-blond surfer boy looks contradicted his British heritage. “We want to make you scream in the New Year with us.”

Friday, June 17, 2011

Delaney’s Sunrise by Rhonda Lee Carver

Title: Delaney’s Sunrise
Author: Rhonda Lee Carver
Release Date: June 20, 2011
Publisher: Lyrical Press
Buy Link 
Genre: Romance

Blurb: Five years ago, Dee Crawford's engagement to Jacob Delaney ended in death. Jacob's secrets followed him to his grave--and chased Dee from Delaney's Farm, and from his brother Abe's forbidden embrace. Yet when her own secrets send her back to Ohio and right into Abe Delaney's arms, old guilt comes to light, old passions reignite, and Jacob's secrets return to haunt them with more than just his memory. Someone in town wants Dee gone, and will do anything to stop her from uncovering the truth about her fiance's death. If Dee is to survive, she must expose Jacob's long-buried secrets...and expose her heart to Abe. Only by admitting their love can they ease the guilt that has plagued them for years. But will love be enough to save Dee when the next death on Delaney's Farm may be her own?

Welcome to Sizzling Releases, Rhonda Lee Carver. I’m so pleased you could join me today. What is your Sizzling Release
My sizzling release is Delaney’s Sunrise

What is Delaney’s Sunrise all about?
Can anyone say “Hot corporate businessman turns dirty, sexy farmer” ?

Hmmm...that sounds interesting! How did you come up with the idea? 
I am known for my bad-ass heroes and second chances. I also wanted to have the story set locally. Secrets destroy—and Delaney’s is full of secrets and exposing the truth. With the focus on revealing secrets, I added a bit of mystery, a dash of spice and a whole lotta love and came up with an edge-of-your-seat, jam-packed drama storyline.

What are you working on now? 
I am working on another paranormal. I had so much fun writing Castle’s Fortress, releasing in September, I couldn’t wait to dive into another paranormal romance. The title is: Dreaming Ivy. Heroine journalist meets ghost-hunting sexy hero. When they are tossed into a haunted house to hunt paranormal activity, will the equipment ignite with sightings of ghosts or the heat from Ivy and Max’s chemistry? Readers won’t want to miss this story. It’s a bit of time travel mixed with paranormal and a chemistry that draws two different people from polar opposite worlds together.

Do you have an evil day job, and if you do, how do you find time to write?
Right now, I’m a full-time writer and a freelance editor. With two young ones, finding time to write is like trying to find time to relax—not easy.

What sparks your imagination and gets your juices flowing?
I have to feel my story. I have to believe in my characters, envelop myself into their world and reflect their emotions and thoughts. It’s like stepping through a mirror and being right there with them as I write their story. Nothing gets me more creative than conflict between my characters. I love it when they are verbally ripping each other apart only to rush into each other’s arms to apologize with a delicious romp in the sack.

It’s June and summer is upon us. Do you have any vacation plans?
Oh, I wish… (sigh) So far no plans…

What is your favorite vacation memory?
The Beach. And the beach. And did I mention the beach? I love the ocean and the smells and the sunlight.

Men: Speedo or trunks?
Depends on the man.

Ladies: Bikini, one-piece, tankini, or shorts and a t-shirt?
For me, I’d choose the bikini and ocean any day.

Lake, river or ocean?

Surfing or skiing?
Neither. Unless surfing the web is an option.

Snorkeling or scuba diving?

Thank you so much for being here. Is there anything else you’d like the readers to know?
Please stop and check out my new blog.

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And before we go, can we get a juicy excerpt from Delaney’s Sunrise?
Of course.

“Abe,” she started, then stopped to moisten her lips. “I’m not here to cause problems. Can’t we just let go of the past and start a new friendship?”
The muscles clenched in his neck. She waited for him to snap.
“Let go?” His words were laced with anger. “It may be easy for you to forget the past, Dee, but he was my brother. Dammit, Jacob was my brother!”
“And he was my fiancé.”
“He was your fiancé for two months. He was my brother for twenty-six years.” His hands clenched into fists, and the line of his jaw hardened.
She exhaled and tucked a tendril of hair behind her ear. The breeze picked up, carrying his scent to her nostrils. She inhaled the masculine smell. It brought back the familiar feeling of when his kisses had melted her. She moistened her bottom lip and silently swore as neglected muscles throbbed.
“This isn’t a contest to see who has more of a right to mourn Jacob’s death, Abe.” She refused to look away. “We both loved him and lost him, and together we buried him. If we can’t get along for any other reason, it should be for his memory.” She rolled her next words around her mind before she continued. “He left me his share of Delaney’s Farm because he wanted me here.”
He laughed. “Who the hell do you think you’re talking to, Dee? Last I looked, I didn’t have easily manipulated written across my forehead.” His lip curled. The explosion was coming, but she didn’t back away. “Look at you, Dee.” He ran his gaze over her frame. He should have just licked her from forehead to toes. It evoked the same feeling. “You don’t belong here. You come here in your fancy clothes and your shiny shoes and place yourself smack dab in the middle of my life. You believe you belong here because my brother willed you his half of the farm? You have no rights.” He turned on a booted heel and stalked to the railing, placing both hands on it. “Although Jacob owned half, he didn’t have the right to give it to you.”
“I offered to sign it over to you, remember? We were sitting in the attorney’s office after the reading of the will and I told you I didn’t want the farm. I knew it wasn’t right for me to have it.” Her heavy sigh seemed to slice through the tension. “You refused to let me sign my share over to you.”
He gripped the wood railing until his knuckles turned white. “Are you here to make that offer again?”
Dee clasped her hands tightly. To Abe, she was just a lingering sign of Jacob’s rebellion. If Jacob had willed her his half of the farm, it was--in Abe’s mind--just another impulsive act in a long string of impulses that had centered around Dee. Jacob hadn’t been thinking clearly, Abe had said. After Jacob’s death, he’d accused her of clouding both their minds with her hypnotic poison.
He turned. His emotions seemed under control, and his triple-layered wall appeared back in place. “Are you going to answer me? Are you here to make that offer again?”
She narrowed her eyes. “No.”
He pushed away from the rail and brushed past her. She kept her gaze on his back as he stomped off the porch. “That’s fine,” he muttered. “You’ll run again. The sooner, the better.”

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

The Promise by Tory Richards

Title: The Promise
Author: Tory Richards
Release Date: April 2011
Publisher: Liquid Silver Books
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance

Blurb: Shannon Hayes’ husband David was killed in Iraq nearly a year ago, and now she must face her first holiday season without him. With a toddler in tow, she travels to the Vermont farm where the rest of the family has gathered for the holidays. There she comes face to face with the man who was with him when he died, and her destiny, his older brother Ryan.

For the first time in years, Ryan returns home to keep a promise he made to David—to take care of Shannon and their daughter. It’s a pledge Ryan is reluctant to keep because he’s been secretly in love with Shannon since first setting eyes on her. Their attraction to each other is instant, intense and soon the promise isn’t the only thing between them.

Welcome to Sizzling Releases, Tory Richards. I’m so pleased you could join me today.
What is The Promise all about?  
It’s a story that takes place at a Vermont farm during the holiday season, where a large family has gathered to celebrate. A Marine returns home to fulfill a promise he made to his dying brother, to take care of his wife. A woman he’s been secretly in love with for years.

My son is a Marine, I already love the story! How did you come up with the idea?  
I was married to a man who had 9 siblings, where as I only had one sister. During the holidays when we all got together I was able to witness the interactions going on and there was never a dull moment. The romantic elements in the story are strictly from my imagination.

As a multi-published author, what advice do you have for those just beginning a career as a writer? 
Never give up! You will receive rejections but learn from them and go on. And revise, revise, revise!

I know the readers will want to know about your backlist, Tory. What do you have available? 
Beginning with the first one published there’s Cupid’s Arrow, The Senator’s Daughter, It’s All in the Jeans, Wicked Desire, The Cowboy Way, All the Right Moves, Talk Dirty to Me, Breathless Surrender, Someone to Love Me, and Her Hands-On Man. I have another one due out sometime next year called The Mercenary Way.

Wow, you have quite a library there! What are you working on now? 
I have a couple projects in the works. Both short erotic romances. One about a plus size model and the other involves a motorcycle gang.

Do you have an evil day job, and if you do, how do you find time to write? 
Yes, I do work days. Writing is a hobby for me and something I do when I feel like it. Usually in the evenings and on my days off.

LOL You seem to have done quite a lot with that "hobby" of yours! What sparks your imagination and gets your juices flowing?
Anything can spark my imagination.

What does your family and friends think about you being a published author?
They’re the reason I pursued getting published, they gave me the encouragement I needed. They’re thrilled! Before that I was a closet writer. I didn’t tell anyone that I wrote because it was very personal and private to me.

It’s June and summer is upon us. Do you have any vacation plans?
Well, I just returned from a road trip to Maine (I live in Florida). I hadn’t been home in 13 years and it was time to reconnect with family. I might take a short cruise with a good friend, and then we have a family cruise planned for later on.

That sounds like fun. What is your favorite vacation memory?
Oh my goodness, there are so many! Before the grandkids came along my daughter and niece were my traveling buddies. We always have so much fun together. I don’t know that I can narrow it down to one, honestly. 

Men: Speedo or trunks? 

Ladies: Bikini, one-piece, tankini, or shorts and a t-shirt? 

Lake, river, or ocean? 

Surfing or water skiing? 

Snorkeling or scuba diving? 

Thank you so much for being here. Is there anything else you’d like the readers to know? Only that I love hearing from them and thank you again for hosting me today.

My pleasure, Tory. Before we go, can we get a juicy excerpt from The Promise?  
With pleasure! And since you said juicy, I hope it’s not too hot.

“I want to help you,” she insisted in a whisper, wondering why she was so
determined. Except, Shannon knew it was important that she save Ryan from himself. He was a prisoner of his soul.

“At three o’clock in the morning?” he snorted with heavy sarcasm. “You have no idea how to help me.” His hands tightened as if he couldn’t help it.

“Let me try,” she insisted, undaunted by the grit in his voice.

Shannon’s hands came up to rest upon his chest. She waited for him to push her
away, but he didn’t and she was forced to endure the scorching heat of his hard flesh. She felt his muscles flex beneath her palms. Recalling their passionate kiss outside the bar stirred her blood until a volcano erupted inside her. Was helping him just an excuse to enter his room? Maybe she wanted another kiss, or more, his hands on her. Intimate and exploring her into a mind blowing orgasm.

Why didn’t he push her away?

“Why does it matter so much to you, Shannon?”

“That’s what family is for.” Her voice was hoarse with emotion. “We’re here for each other.”

He stared down at her for a long moment. Shannon wondered what he was thinking.

“Family?” His harsh laughter seemed out of place in the dark. “I can look at you until my damn eyes fall out and I’d never see you as a sister. Even now—”
He cut himself off, as if it occurred to him that he was about to divulge something too personal, or perhaps a weakness.

A long time went by when all Shannon heard was the sound of their breathing, and the screech of an owl off in the distance. The house was deathly quiet. Finally, she couldn’t stand it any longer. “Are you okay, Ryan?” Shannon wanted to reach out and touch him, but she was afraid.

“You want to help me, Shannon?” Something in his tone warned her she should turn and run back to her room, but that same something excited her into staying. “This is the only way you can help me.”

In one smooth move, Ryan pulled her over to the bed with him and pushed her down, following her until he covered her with his half-naked body.

Gasping with surprise, Shannon found her mouth being ground beneath his. She struggled, but if he noticed, he didn’t let that or his split lip stop him from stealing her breath. Then his hands took hold of her wrists and pinned them to the bed. Against her will, she responded when he arched his hips into the lower half of her body. His thick, hard cock slid into the crevice between her legs and brushed against her clit.

Shannon moaned and became aware of other sensations brought upon by her
squirming. She arched in hunger, thrust against his erection with sharp accuracy, wishing they were naked and he was sliding into her. She moved her hips again, rewarded when Ryan ground his shaft against her.

He groaned and shuddered, slid his tongue inside her mouth, swallowing her sound of pleasure. For a spellbinding moment, they were caught up in the heat of the moment. She was no longer interested in freedom. Her hands weren’t pushing against his chest, but had gone to his shoulders and roamed his back in heated caresses, nails lightly scraping defined muscles. Her hips strained upwards to meet his as he ground his hard-on into the sweet, hot place between her thighs.

She welcomed his hand beneath her pajama top as he claimed her breast, palming the globe and flicking his thumb over the burgeoning nipple. Her response was wild and wanton, encouraged him to continue, as she silently begged him to do even more. Ryan tore his mouth from hers, pushed her top out of the way and took her nipple into his mouth.

“Oh, God!” Shannon hissed beneath him, in nothing more than a whisper. She
arched her back, holding his head against her flesh. She was throbbing below, where his shaft provided enough friction on her clit to make her burst with sweet release. His mouth returned to hers, and he kissed her savagely while his hand skimmed down her body, snaking inside her pajama bottoms and cupping her bottom. And Shannon thought, this is it, he was going to slide her bottoms down and take her.

All at once, a muffled noise penetrated their sounds of hunger. Ryan froze.
* * * * 
A little about Tory Richards…
Tory is a multi-published, best-selling author who was born in Maine but lives in Florida with three crazy cats. She likes to travel, preferably by cruise ship, and doesn’t like to fly but she will if she has to. She collects antiques and art, loves chocolate (who doesn’t?) and good coffee.

Tory has wanted to be a writer since she was a kid, but life got in the way of her dreams. A few years ago, with the support and encouragement of her family, she decided to get serious. Her romances are laced with humor and filled with suspense and sizzling sex.
* * * * 
Tory's Links:

Follow Tory's Blog Tour and win a $15.00 gift certificate from Bath & Body! The more you comment, the more chances to win!

Friday, June 3, 2011

In Her Closet by T. Harrison

Title: In Her Closet
Author: T. Harrison      
Release Date: May 27, 2010
Publisher: Dirtyscribbler Press
Genre: Contemporary/erotic romance

Blurb: Fresh off of a night of anonymous sex we join, Yves Santiago on the curb for a cigarette. Yves is a self-proclaimed slut who vows to live her life as carelessly as a man and make no apologies for any of it--though her meddling mother and ex-fiancé seem intent on making it difficult for her to do. She’s determined to avoid anything that looks even remotely like love and escapes most encounters with her heart and her pride intact.

Until she meets Elijah Weinstein…

Elijah saunters in like a dream proclaiming to be the next great love of her life--a declaration that Yves finds ridiculous, though it doesn't make him any less enticing. With his moss green eyes, broad, sun-kissed shoulders and a mouth so sensual that it should have an NC-17 rating, Elijah Weinstein is damn near irresistible. She willingly accepts his challenge, certain she will be able to get what she wants without relinquishing her heart.

Welcome to Sizzling Releases, T. Harrison. I’m so pleased you could join me today. What is your Sizzling Release?
In Her Closet, my first contemporary, erotic novel

What is In Her Closet all about?
In Her Closet is about a young woman named Yves Santiago that lives in South Philadelphia. She is what I like to call, delightfully effed up. She smokes, she drinks, she sleeps around but, eventually she makes it to the happily ever after she deserves.

Hmmm, sounds a tad familiar! How did you come up with the idea?
Over the years, I’ve read lots of romance and erotic romance novels and I found myself getting bored with the perfect, virginal, naïve heroine. I set out to create a heroine that is the complete opposite and bring her around in the end.

I know this is book number one in the series Yves Santiago Stories. Did you begin writing with a series in mind, or did your muse take over?
I didn’t set out with the idea to write a series. I thought Yves’ story was told after this novel was complete. Yves, however, had other ideas. I’m editing the third book in the series now. I can only hope she will shut her cake hole so I can write something else!

As a multi-published author, what advice do you have for those just beginning a career as a writer?
I am multi-published but all four of my titles are self-published. I’ve been writing for years but, I found that the stories that I pen do not firmly fit into any genre. My advice to novice writers is to keep writing and never lose faith in yourself. If you feel very strongly that you produce a product that people will want to read, do all you can to make that happen.

Tell the readers about your backlist.
I have two novellas to my credit, The Undoing of Langston Black and LoveWanderlust. I also have one teeny short story pubbed in Sommer Marsden’s Dirtyville.

What are you working on now?
A lot of things, lol. I’m editing Having it Both Ways, the third (and hopefully final) book in the Yves Santiago stories. I’m also sketching out a paranormal series. I have no idea when these books will be ready for publication. They require so much research and world-building that I have to give myself a break from it from time to time. I also have several more contemporary erotic romances waiting in the wings. Time will tell which steps up next in line.

Do you have an evil day job, and if you do, how do you find time to write?
No evil day job but, I am a fulltime mom. One would argue that it’s the most underpaid, over-worked job force out there. I usually squeeze my writing time into the 8 hours they are in school. Don’t know what I’m going to do now that school's out! *eep!*

What sparks your imagination and gets your juices flowing?
I love music. Often a lyric will plant a story seed but, I am also very visual. I keep a sketch diary. I doodle little story notes to myself and often refer to them when I begin to craft my stories.

What does your family and friends think about you being a published author?
My true friends are very supportive. My family is accepting. I have a few family members who have bought and read my titles. I have been cornered at a family event to ‘discuss’ the plot. Mostly it’s been positive.

It’s June and summer is upon us. Do you have any vacation plans?
The Beach. Which way is the beach? We lived in Virginia Beach for several years and as soon as it warms up I always get that hankerin’ for salt water.

What is your favorite vacation memory?
All of my vacation memories center on family. I feel that if I’m with my family and we’re all having a good time, it’s a good memory.

Men: Speedo or trunks?

Ladies: Bikini, one-piece, tankini, or shorts and a t-shirt?

Lake, river, or ocean?

Surfing or water skiing?
Water skiing

Snorkeling or scuba diving?
Neither, I can’t swim. Don’t judge me.

Thank you so much for being here. Is there anything else you’d like the readers to know?
Thank you all for stopping by and suffering through my social awkwardness. As a reward, I’m giving away a KINDLE to a random commenter! Please tell me what sort of romance/erotic romance tropes you are sick of reading or want to clue me in on what you would really like to read!

And before we go, can we get a juicy excerpt from In Her Closet?
(I’m going to assume that you mean sexy when you say juicy, ;) Thanks again for having me!)

Two a.m. finds me in The Dip, a crowded reggae club, where I proceed to get drunk off too much Jamaican rum, wind my hips and enjoy the heady press of bodies. Jamaican men have a way of making you feel desirable even if you are the homeliest girl in the room. I know it’s shallow but, I like to feel their eyes on me. I want to know that they think I’m sexy and beautiful. I like knowing that I can have any one of them in the room. Like him--the cute, shy boy eyeing me over the rim of his glass.
 You, I say with my eyes, you are my man.
I slide through the crowd and take his hand, drawing him out into my dance. A dancehall mix of Bob Marley’s Reaction is pulsing from the speakers. ‘Talkin’ ‘bout reaction…Talkin’ ‘bout attraction’, Bob sings.
His hands find my hips and my hands trace the contours of his chest. A smile comes to his lips as our eyes meet, deep dimples hollowing out each cheek. He has a sweet face, almost innocent. He takes my hands to drape my arms around his neck and when his hands find my hips again, it’s to pull me in closer, tighter. His thigh is firmly wedged between mine and I dip, wind and rock my waist in time to Bob’s wailing. It’s a slow grind and he finds my rhythm and matches it perfectly.
Yes, my body agrees, you are the one.
I lose myself in the throbbing bass. The air is hot and close, heavy with breath and body heat. With every gyration our bodies become more and more slick with sweat. Bob is singing, ‘to every little action, there’s a reaction’. I act and he reacts, our bodies a perfect counterpoint, keeping time with the easy skanking rhythm.
I turn in his embrace. Pressing my back into his chest. Now we’re undulating in a wave. One of his hands is spread wide and low over my belly, guiding my hips in the direction he wants to go. Our hips press together seamlessly. His strong thighs flex as he positions his denim-clad cock against the cleft of my behind. I roll my hips against it and let my dress ride high. A keen longing begins to melt the place between my thighs. I’m sending all the right signals. Signals that say, I want to feel your mouth on my skin. I want your cock inside me, grinding slow and deep and hard like this rhythm we’re riding.

 T. Harrison is an erotic romance author currently living in the south with her impish husband, two smallish men and one smallish boxer pup. She can often be found with her nose pressed to the screen of her Kindle, reading red hot erotica, nail biting thrillers or bone chilling horror and paranormals by the small halo of illumination created by her book light. She writes stave off the boredom of living in a small town. Her stories generally fluctuate from urban/contemporary to paranormal romance but, are always dirty.

T. Harrison can be reached at 
authortharrison(at)gmail(dot)com and she can also be found @dirtyscribbler on Twitter.