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Friday, February 25, 2011

A Wicked Ride by Avril Ashton

Title: A Wicked Ride
Release Date: Feb 3, 2011
Author: Avril Ashton
Publisher: eXtasy Books
Genre: Erotic Romance
Blurb: Sasha Forde has hung up her thieving stilettos, but a visit from a mobster sends her back to her old life. In order to save her family—and herself—from jail, she must steal evidence hidden in a lawyer’s office. She sets out to do what she considers a simple B and E, but someone else has arrived first. And he holds her life in his tattooed hands. Not for long.
Niko Davaris is all about revenge on the man who tried to kill him. The evidence he stole is the first step in that direction. He’s not thrilled to wake up with a gun to his head. The woman on the other end is cocky, smug and too damn hot for her own good. He wants her, she wants the evidence. When she takes it and disappears, he gives chase. Battle lines are blurred as they give in to temptation, but on a ride like this, someone has to come out on top. Who will it be?
Welcome Avril, it’s nice to have you here. What is your Sizzling Release? 
Thank you, Rie. My Sizzling release is A Wicked Ride. It’s by far the most fun I’ve had writing.  
What is A Wicked Ride all about? 
It’s about allowing yourself to live in the moment, to grasp any chance of happiness you can. It’s the story of a thief who’s trying to do the right thing—walk the straight and narrow—until someone threatens to take it all away. She has to make tough choices to protect herself and those she love, but it won’t always be easy. The man standing in her way sees to that.  
What was your inspiration? 
The idea for A Wicked Ride came to me as tiny snippets of a movie, but music of Beyonce and Nicki Minaj worked well in fleshing it out and making it all come to life. Music is and will always be my inspiration.
Why Erotic Romance? What’s the draw? 
I’m a voracious reader as well as writer and I find I’m a bit of voyeur. I like to be in the room, witness to what happens when that bedroom door closes. Therefore, I write what I read.  
 Tell me, what was your reaction when you received your very first contract to be published? 
LOL, I received an offer for my first contract a mere half-hour after submitting to eXtasy. I couldn’t believe it. I re-read the email a million times to make sure. Then I went to sleep. I was tired. It hasn’t sunk in yet. 
How did you celebrate? 
I didn’t, not really. Just went about my normal routine.
Now for some fun stuff! February is the month for lovers. What do you and your SO do for Valentine’s Day? 
We’re pretty boring people. We don’t make a big fuss about it. Nothing major happened in our house.
Seriously, do you think chocolates and flowers are the way to a woman’s heart? Dunno about anyone else, but the way to my heart is a good book and a slice of The SO’s apple pie.
What would be your ultimate Valentine’s Day?
I really don’t pay much attention to V-day. I’m pretty unaffected by all the hoopla. Any day where I can curl up on the couch with my mister and the kid is my ultimate day. 
Milk chocolate or dark? 
Milk chocolate.
Any last moment comments you’d like to add? Thank you for having me, it’s been a pleasure. To celebrate the release of A Wicked Ride, I’m holding a contest over at my blog to give away a copy. You have until Feb 5 to enter.

Thanks for joining me, and before we go, how about a juicy excerpt?


Three guesses on the identity of the culprit riding her bumper.
Sasha gripped the steering wheel of her silver 2010 Jaguar XK Coupe with both hands covered in fingerless gloves. She pressed down on the gas with a foot encased in black, thigh high Louboutins. The headlights of the pursuing SUV drew closer in her rearview.
She grinned. Well, damn. Finally.
It’d been two days—a girl could only wait for so long. She’d thought he wouldn’t come looking for her. But here he was. He wanted the flash drive and she wanted his body.
One ride on the train would purge him from her thoughts. Just her luck he’d come when she was on her way to remove the drive from its hiding place. She had a few days left on Vicente’s deadline, but she wanted to get the whole thing over with.
Sasha came up on the turnoff to her house and headed in the opposite direction. No way was she leading him to her front door. She had the perfect place to ensure the privacy they needed for the many things she wanted to do to him.
The man was built—it took all her restraint to keep from climbing his naked ass the other night. His tattoos took up an entire sleeve on his left hand and expanded to cover his heart. Black, swirling tribal symbols, exotic and mesmerizing like him. She finally got to see the color of his eyes—honey-brown, flecked with green and gold. So beautiful.
But his cock had her waking up at night with her fingers buried in her pussy, calling out Niko’s name. She couldn’t get the itch he’d created scratched. In a desperate move, she’d picked up the phone at about three AM last night. She’d have slaked her hunger for Niko on her jump-off, Miles, but he didn’t pick up. JD, her pink jelly dildo, went to work instead. But nothing helped, nothing doused the fire.
Sasha pulled up in the back of the warehouse the gang had used for meetings. Since they’d broken up, the place stood empty. The crunch of gravel signaled the arrival of the Range Rover. She hopped out of the car into the gathering dusk and headed for the door of the warehouse.
Niko’s car door slammed. “Running from me, Sasha?”
What the hell is he talking about? Doesn’t he realize I’m offering myself up like a buffet? Sasha chuckled. She unlocked the heavy metal door of the warehouse, pushed it open and stepped inside. Hot, musty air filled her lungs. A sneeze tickled the back of her throat.
She pulled on the chain for the overhead bulb. Bright yellow light illuminated the empty space with a hum as Niko barreled through the door. Sasha spun around. He stopped short and they stared at each other.
She took in his narrowed eyes, flared nostrils and heaving chest. Her body felt taut, strung tight. She needed his touch, needed him like nothing else, ever.
“Strip,” he growled at her.
She creamed. Hot moisture eased out of her clenched pussy and slid down her thighs. Niko took a step in her direction and reflex made Sasha back up. He kept coming and she backed up until she bumped into the concrete pillar in the middle of the space. Now they were inches apart.
She got caught in the heated pull of his eyes and didn’t see the knife. A flick of his wrist and her mini-dress dropped around her ankles with a sigh. She stared up at him in nothing but gloves and $2,500 boots. The knife clattered to the floor, but he didn’t seem to notice.
His intense stare roamed her body. She felt like she was melting.
“Are you going to make me beg?” she asked. “Because I will.”
He took hold of her left nipple, rolled it between thumb and forefinger and pinched it.
She threw her head back. A moan escaped.
“What do you want, Sasha?” His voice was barely audible.
Her tongue slid out to lick dry lips. “Whatever you’ve got.”
Niko hauled her into his arms. She gave a low cry. His mouth claimed hers in a frantic kiss. Sasha opened her mouth wide, granted him every access. Her tongue tangled with his and she swallowed his moan. Rising on tiptoe, her hands went around his neck. He tasted like cinnamon, so fucking good. Niko bent and lifted her. She clung to him, wrapped her legs around his narrow waist. He palmed her ass. The cool concrete at her back did nothing to cool the fire raging within her.
Niko tore his mouth from hers. “This is going to be quick.” He fumbled with his belt.
Sasha shook her head. “Fuck that, just make it count.”
He dropped a kiss on her lips. A hiss of his zipper, then nothing else mattered, because he was there at her entrance. Thick, smooth and so hard.
He slid home and her pussy swallowed him whole.
“Yesss.” A sob caught in her throat.
Tremors wracked Niko’s body. His cock stayed there, inside her heat, nudging her womb. He took her mouth again in a fierce, wet kiss. She welcomed it and his sharp thrusts as he began to move.
She rocked her hips into him. He made a harsh sound. The squishing sounds of her soaked pussy mingled with their heavy breathing as she fucked him the way he fucked her.
Sasha broke the kiss and panted. His thrusts came harder and faster. Her legs shook and she fisted her hands in his black T-shirt. Niko angled his hips to the left. A sharp thrust caused the blunt head of his cock to hit her sweet spot and she flew apart.
Her sheath contracted around him. Ripples shook her body and she barely heard his savage cry. She came. Sasha screamed and convulsed at the consuming fire. Damn if that shit didn’t take her by surprise—she didn’t scream, ever. She clawed at Niko’s shoulders with her pink nails.
Her body went limp. Niko tightened his arms around her. She felt his come at her core, warm and silky. He buried his face in her neck.
“What are you doing to me, Sasha Forde?”
She tensed, but he began feathering kisses on her face and neck. She had no reply. This magnetic pull between them wasn’t good. Not when she had the flash drive and he wanted it. He couldn’t have it—lives were at stake.
So where did that leave them?
Right here. In this warehouse with sweat-slicked skin, where the musk of their sex mingled in the air. She tightened her hold on him, flicked her tongue out to taste the salty skin of his neck.
He took her mouth in an addictive kiss and she didn’t want to move. Not from this spot, with this man still buried deep in her pussy, holding her so tight. She wanted this and she wanted it with Niko.
She squeezed her eyes shut.
Wrapped in the sensual embrace of a man who just blew her back out while still fully dressed, Sasha did something she’d never done before.
She panicked.

Coming 4/25/2011 from
Sixteen years ago, Lyric Benson's boyfriend accused her of sleeping with his older brother then disappeared. She never stopped caring, never stopped hoping. Now, all these years later, Lyric is stunned to discover the new owner of her company is one Grayson St Clair, who never forgot or forgave her transgression. 

Grayson wants nothing to do with someone he thinks hurt him so deeply. He can't let go of the past and he can't trust Lyric. It doesn't help matters that while on her watch, the Masonry company she oversaw was hacked into and the company's top secret client list accessed. Reluctantly, Lyric and Grayson team up to find the culprit, with Grayson denying their blossoming feelings at every turn. But when his brother appears, secrets in tow, Grayson will have to choose: live in the past or move on with Lyric.

Sizzling Chats with Brenna Lyons

Rie-Welcome Brenna Lyons! I have been a fan of your writing for some time now, so I'm very excited to have you as a guest! First, tell the readers a little about yourself.

Brenna- That’s great! I love meeting readers, and your work is stellar, as well.

You might call me a multi-tasker. I’m a wife, mother, author, administrator for Silver Publishing, a sub teacher for the local middle school, and the co-chair for EPICon 2011. I belong to more than 140 Yahoogroups, including more than 60 writing groups and a handful of advocacy groups. I teach at conventions and online...everything from the process of writing to marketing, the business of writing, and so forth. The idea of free time is something of a joke around here. I’ve been accused of being twins or triplets or having clones, but to my knowledge, neither is true.

Rie-I know that in addition to being a multi-published author, you are involved in many other activities including the Eppie Awards. What is your role there?

Brenna- I’ve been a member of EPIC’s eBook Awards (formerly named the EPPIE) for many years now. Since 2006 or so. That means I am part of the group of EPIC members that consider changes for improving or updating the awards. Every year, we get suggestions from entrants. Some are workable. Some aren’t, but we consider every one seriously and try to make sure the awards are the best and most responsive we can be.

All committee members (barring some sort of personal emergency) serve as category coordinators. And many of the coordinators choose to judge in categories they don’t have a conflict of interest in, like ones they are personally coordinating or are entered in.

I’ve held a lot of jobs in EPIC over the years, including three years as president, head of PR, list cop, and EPICon co-chair. At the moment, my job within EPIC is co-chair of EPICon 2011. I’ll also be teaching several classes at EPICon this year.

Rie-And now you're an administrator at Silver Publishing. What does that entail?

Brenna- Working as an administrator means a wide range of jobs that fall into a couple of subcategories: communication, organization, and a portion of the record keeping.

Under the category of communication, the administrator answers questions for authors and readers and connects them (when necessary) to another department for resolution. The administrator is the first line contact point for much of the email that comes into the company.

Under the category of organization, the administrator liaises with all the departments to get the books loaded on the publisher site, follow up on missing information, compare databases to try and keep everyone on the same page, and so forth. In addition, the administrator does final formatting on the books and converts them. Once the book releases, the administrator is responsible for distribution of the book onto other channels, filing the ISBN paperwork, and liaising with the social media and promo departments to get books out to review sites and the promo released on them.

In addition to the central databases, the administrator keeps a separate set of databases to facilitate all of the above. That and the ISBNs would be some of the record keeping the administrator works with.

Rie-With all your other duties, do you still find time to write?

Brenna- Some weeks/months, it’s really hard to find the time. As I get things on a schedule, I have more time to get to my own writing...until edits come in and I have to drop new writing to handle that...or new releases of my own come out and I need a day or two to update my site, do social media about it, etc.

To put it in context... I’ve been administrator of Silver Publishing since October of 2010, and I have six scheduled releases in the first six months of 2011. Two of them have been written since I took over as administrator.

Rie-Would you mind telling the readers a bit about your family life?

Brenna- I have a rather busy household. I have three kids aged 16, 13, and 11. All three are incredibly intelligent (they take after Tamer and me), which means they are easier than some kids but difficult in other ways. Since we’re dealing with a couple of medical specialists and three sets of extra-curriculars, there are some days when it seems I never stand still.

My oldest is training to be a veterinarian at the local Ag-Tech, so it’s not surprising that we have a house full of pets. At the moment, we have three big dogs (an Akita and two Siberian Huskies), 4 cats and a couple of kittens, and two leopard geckoes. The kids also plan for either a small snake or tree frogs in the near future.

Tamer and I have been together nearly 25 years now and married for 23. He’s a busy woman’s dream come true. Not only does he put up with noisy characters and my schedule, he helps out with doing about half the cooking and some of the cleaning and he makes sure I have what I need to be productive.

Rie-How do you manage being that type of family life with such a busy professional life?

Brenna- Juggling. I may not be able to physically juggle, but I can figuratively do it. I also live out of the calendar and set daily alarms to get places on time. I also tend to go short on sleep a lot, but that comes naturally. It’s not unusual for me to get 41-45 hours of sleep in a week.

Rie- Are you working on a new book right now?

Brenna- Several. I have more than 80 WIP (works in progress) at the moment, but I am actively working on about six of them right now...two for Silver Publishing, two for Phaze, one for LooseId, and one that will be a self-published reissue of an old title.

Rie-Can you give the readers a little hint about the characters and storyline?

Brenna- Since we’re talking a lot about Silver Publishing today, I’ll head toward those.

I’m working on the second book in the It’s All Greek to Me series that started with ALL’S FAIR... AF focused on Davon (the Horseman of War) and Khrystal (daughter of Eros). The second book is THE ONLY SURE THINGS IN LIFE... and focuses on Davon’s brother Aret (the Horseman of Death) falling for a human accountant. Odd couples all the way around.

I’m also working on a new M/M story. It’s entitled THE META, and it’s about a post-apocalyptic society where most of the women have been killed off.

Rie-I really appreciate you taking time out of your schedule to chat with me Brenna. Where can readers find out more about you?

Brenna- Thanks for having me. It’s been a joy. The best places for readers to find out about me are...

My web site
My Facebook
The Copyright Alliance Video Interview with me

Mating Season- Zondra Daahn has hit her quickening with both feet and no warning. She's on the prowl for a male to sate her, unwilling to wait for a Xxan mix male to be sent to her, and Evan Duncan is just the overbearing, alpha male she needs. There are a few little problems, of course. In human years, she's not quite seventeen, she's the fleet Admiral's goddaughter, and the powerful Zhigaaah (sex pheromones) at her quickening may permanently tie Evan to her. Worse, being human means he can't bind her as a Xxannian male would and give her children...or can he?

buy here                            
All's Fair in Love and War. It better be. When a grudge match between the gods of love and war catches the next generation in their battle, sparks will fly. But they won't be sparks of anger.
Five millennia ago, Davon -- Horseman of War, son of Ares -- insulted Eros, God of Love and Lust. Young and headstrong, Eros decided to teach Davon a lesson about his own nature. Until the young horseman can embrace the god of love with affection, he will be impotent. Such a loss for his lovers.
While Davon cannot stomach the idea of embracing Eros with anything but his hands around the other man’s scrawny throat, Love will eventually find a mate and produce heirs that Davon might have a chance of liking, despite their parentage. After all, it is Love's nature to do so.
When two strange men who don't show up on film save Khrystal from a mugger, her life takes a turn toward the strange. Considering the fact that her mother is a psychic who is completely besotted with her husband, a man that left them two decades earlier, saying Khrystal's life has become weirder is saying a lot.

We've talked about them for millennia. The Sons of Heaven came to Earth and lay with the Daughters of Man, spawning the heroes of old (or the monsters of old, depending on your mythos). They have been called angels. They have been called demons, the fallen, the devil... Somewhere behind the myths, there were men, winged men who came from the stars and took simple human women as mate. It is time for one modern human woman to discover who and what the Sons of Heaven were, and that discovery will change her life forever.
When Jannie Reynolds goes down the line into the deeper caverns in search of more artifacts depicting the winged god-man, she doesn't know a team member with a thirst for fame intends to cut her ropes. She doesn't know her life will be saved by alien technology or that she will stumble upon a five-thousand-year old winged alien in a stasis tube who doesn¦t know his colony has been destroyed. And she certainly doesn't know she's an alien crossbreed, as well.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

As You Wish by Nichelle Gregory

Title: As You Wish
Release Date: Feb. 21, 2010
Authors: Nichelle Gregory
Author website:
Publisher: Total E-Bound Publishing
Buy Link:
Genre: erotic paranormal romance
Blurb: A race against time to save her physic mother from supernatural forces leaves Karis, a novice clairvoyant, no choice but to trust a very sexy genie granting three wishes and an offer to help her tap into her psychic abilities...if she'll come willing to his bed.

Welcome Nichelle Gregory, it’s nice to have you here. What is your Sizzling Release?
As You Wish

What is As You Wish all about?
Karis has always turned her back on the supernatural world. When her estranged, self-proclaimed psychic mother mysteriously disappears, she puts her life on hold to find her. When she discovers and touches a beautiful bottle in her mother's belongings, Karis comes face to face with Vander, a very sexy telepathic genie who offers to help her tap into her repressed psychic abilities and grant her three wishes. The only way Karis can help her mother is by trusting Vander and her own tamped down psychic abilities. She will have to face her own fears and listen to her heart to fulfill her wish for happiness.

What was your inspiration?
Mmm...that's hard to pinpoint. I grew up watching Star Trek, I Dream of Jeanie, Outer Limits, Tales from the Crypt, ect. I'm drawn to magical, paranormal and fantastic scenarios!

Why paranormal romance? What’s the draw?
No limits. I love creating diverse characters that are free to be and explore the imagined world I've created with absolutely no limitations. It's incredible!

Tell me, what was your reaction when you received your very first contract to be published?
Disbelief and then unspeakable joy!
How did you celebrate?
Several martinis. J

Now for some fun stuff! February is the month for lovers. What do you and your SO do for Valentine’s Day?
We look forward to having a special dinner together followed by dessert! J

Seriously, do you think chocolates and flowers are the way to a woman’s heart?
No, but they're a damn good start!

What would be your ultimate Valentine’s Day?
The ultimate Valentine's Day would be with my husband, without the kids, on the beaches of Kauai with never-ending Mai Tai's.

Milk chocolate or dark?

Any last moment comments you’d like to add?
Thanks for having me!

Thanks for joining me, and before we go, can we get a juicy excerpt?
You betcha!

Excerpt from As You Wish:

With her eyes still closed, Karis kept chanting the mantra, “This isn’t real, this isn’t happening.” If she said it enough times, it would have to be true.
“Oh, yes, I am real and this is definitely happening.” A deep voice filled the room.
Her eyes flew open and for the second time in less than twenty-four hours, she screamed.
A strange man stood in her living room within arm’s reach! He towered above her, standing well over six feet with rich mahogany skin and a thick muscular build. Her gaze dipped to his bare chest and tapered waist. Ripped oblique muscles disappeared beneath the loose white pants riding low on his hips. Heat flooded her cheeks as she tore her eyes from his torso back to his face.
He held her shocked gaze with the most beautiful hazel eyes she had ever seen. He had the chiselled profile that would inspire fantasies and fantastic works of art. From the crown of his bald head to the soles of his bare feet, his bold features set him apart from the average male. He exuded confidence, evidenced in his relaxed stance and the cool sexy smile directed at her. A stylish goatee encircled his full lips and she couldn’t stop her eyes from travelling over the rest of his rock hard body. She took in every detail from his strong jaw line, thick neck, and the most impressive set of abs on full display. He was sexy as hell, but his sex appeal did nothing to calm her racing heart or the stark realisation she needed to call her doctor now.
“Oh, my God,” she whispered again, feeling light-headed.
The gorgeous apparition chuckled, flashing a perfect smile. “Not quite, but I get that a lot.”
She was losing her mind, hallucinating now in broad daylight.
“Tell me, how I may serve you?” The rich sound of his voice flowed over her like a warm summer breeze.
At least she was hallucinating about a hot guy and not the hideous creature in her dreams. She sucked in a breath as the half-naked man approached her and the entire room began to spin.
“No,” Karis whispered. She took one faltering step backwards and fainted.


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sizzling Releases Presents: The Ultimate Valentine's Day Fantasy!

Author G.A. Hauser:   
   If I had a night to do anything I wanted to do, guilt free? I’d be with the men I created. Yes, indeed. First I would watch three top men undress, Jack Larsen, Adam Lewis, and the delicious ex-LAPD cop, Steve Miller. I would stand quietly in the corner and ogle man flesh.
      Of course the best part of this fantasy is seeing Mark Antonious Richfield naked. And his men always seem to get him naked quickly.
     From my place as a voyeur I’d witness the love and devotion these men had for each other, until I was invited in.
     Once I got the nod from ‘the boys’, I’d quickly strip and begin my scratch and sniff from one side of the bed to the other. As the characters in my books began their ‘session’ I would split my time watching and participating, receiving loving kisses from all four men, and squirming from couple to couple to feel their heat and hot bodies against mine.
     Sigh…and then I would sleep soundly between Mark and Steve, a hand on each package and my nose in Mark’s neck.
     You can forget the roses and chocolates. Give me a night with my men.

Thirty-seven year old Richard 'Dick' Hunt III denied he had a 'death wish', but his lifestyle of extreme sports and high risk hobbies had put him into the hospital on numerous occasions. Living the high life on a trust fund left to him by his grandfather, Dick became infamous in his exploits, his affairs with young men, and living on the edge. In LA celebrity came to those with cash, not necessarily talent or intelligence. So the tabloid press and paparazzi had a field day publishing Dick's exploits.

William Winsor, or 'Prince Charming' as his lover Dick liked to call him, worked as a fundraiser for a state college. He met Dick at a black tie affair and immediately was smitten with the charismatic man.

For two years Dick and William lived together, loved together, and adored each other. But William knew some dark secrets about the wild playboy that even the media had missed.

For William, life with Dick was like waiting for a train to wreck. He knew Dick had serious problems, both physically and mentally. And nothing Dick did was easy. On the contrary, everything the man did was The Hard Way.

(This novel is based on the characters in the free short story, Fun With Dick)                                                              

Author Victoria Blisse:

Wouldn't it be fantastic if you could travel instantl from one place to another? I'd love to have a Valentine's day where I visited all the romantic places of the World.
I'd start off  snuggling with my sweetheart on the top of the Eiffel Tower then I'd love to go to Egypt and canoodle in the shadow of the pyramids. We'd stop off in Sunny Scarborough (on the British east coast) for an ice cream and a paddle in the sea...and that's just for starters!

Curvaceous Terri hates going to the gym to exercise but she really loves the view of John's hard, pumping thighs. John is always at the gym, working on his definition. He thinks he's lanky and scrawny and is convinced the sexy, curvy new girl will never look twice at him. A twist of fate brings them together but will they be able to get over their own insecurities and take advantage of the season of love? It is Valentine's Day after all.

Author Barbara Bradley:
Been married 26 years but am lucky enough to have a very romantic husband.

I come home from a hard day at work and find a card and some flowers. Roses are my favorite, just budding and peach in color. I'd find two Cadbury eggs because he knows if you buy me chocolate that is the one that gets my heart racing.

He'd also have dinner waiting for me. We both love seafood so it would be stuffed flounder and shrimp. Our beverage of choice would be Yengling since I'm not into wine or hard liquor. He'd have candles lit, but my wonderful man would use paper towels as napkins. He has that touch of goofy that I love so much.

After dinner he'd draw me a bath while I light candles and place them all around the bathroom. My favorite bubblebath would make the fluffy bubble cover over the water. The tub is big enough for the two of us ... and I'll leave the rest to your imagination.

Love is many things, humorous, romantic, magical. In this variety of tales, Barbara Bradley will take you on a journey from the whimsical to the fantastic and pleasurable side of love.
Buy Link
Author Site
My Space

Author Allison Knight:
I've been thinking about my fantasy Valentine's day for several days now, and I think I know what it would be. First I really like playing  penny slots; I love luxury hotels with spa baths, turn down service and chocolate strawberries. So I put them together.  Here's mine. First class airfair to a suite (four or five rooms) at a casino beside the Mediterranean, with spa, rub down, and plates of chocolate strawberries all over the rooms of the suite and unlimited funds to go play the slots. You did say Fantasy, right?

Intense, scholarly, big sister Meredith Ward is happy to see her little sister off to a country party until she discovers a Valentine card outlining plans for an elopement between her sister and the brother of an aristocrat. She leaves her cottage to halt their plans only to run into trouble herself. 

Baron Gavin Sinclair learns late one evening about his brother's plans to wed a most undesirable young woman. His attempt to stop that union puts Meredith in his arms. Thinking she is the bride-to-be, he holds her hostage never realizing it will be his heart he loses.

Buy Link (coming Feb 2011)

Author Ike Rose:
I'm afraid that I'll bore most readers when I tell them the truth. My ultimate V-day fantasy is the same V-day I've been blessed with for the last quarter of a century. (I'm 60.)

I'm in a monogamous relationship with the same man for twenty-nine years - I type it out so no one thinks it's a typo. I'll be honest: I'm retired, and i can;t wait for him to be retired in a few years so we can spend it in a more romantic place that the apartment I've lived in since 1977. But we've lived a life together in these four walls; love, fought, survived a stupid attempt by our landlord to evict us to get a higher rent (you have to be a New Yorker to understand "Rent Stabilization"); ;lost all four of our parents together; celebrated the birth of my three nephews together, mourned the  loss of friends together...

Roni Gilbert and Holly Near sang a song together that took me a year to stop crying when I listened to it "Home is Where The Heart Is." (I still get a lump in my throat) 
Mark Twain put it best when he had Adam say at Eve's grave "Wheresoever she was, THERE was Eden". 

So wherever my funny little Valentine is, I have my Eden. No need for elaborate settings, fancy foods, costumes... just the two of us alone. 

And the dog.

Unexpected surprises and four very special carnal adventures lie in wait for four sets of lovers on Valentine's day. These four short novels will make you laugh, cry, smolder, and send you running for a cold shower. In the first novel, "Bachelorette"  by Em Petrova, a spirited woman is deserted by her fiance  on the very day her wedding was to take place, but five delectable Frenchmen have a plan to comfort her out of her Valentine's Day blues - and bridal garments. In the second novel, "Only When I Lose Myself" by Michael Mandrake, Adrian is in need of someone to be his special Valentine and discovers that in janitor, Matthew Gianopolis, a janitor with superior intelligence but poor social skills, he has found it. In the third, "My Valentine Prince" by Ike Rose, a blue-collar college educated hunk who fought class prejudices to raise up the corporate ladder must choose which of two men is to be his Prince Charming: his rich ex-boss boyfriend, or the sailor who gave up his career to love him forever. In the fourth, "Cupid’s Arrow" by Daisy Harris, the god Cupid swears off love, but when a girl he shoots doesn't swoon as expected, he learns that to woo her he'll have to break his rule and fall in love with her himself. 

Author Diane McEntire:
My Valentine's Day fantasy may be a little lame to some, but it means a lot of me. Last summer my husband (21 years) and I took a turn no one ever saw coming...not even me. Something went terribly wrong and we went from a couple who very seldom argued to one who didn't talk at all. In fact, I thought my husband hated me. I won't go into specifics, but there wasn't any affair from either side. Anyway, I moved out in October. The evening before Thanksgiving my husband IM'd me on Facebook and said he was taking the kids out to dinner for Thanksgiving evening and invite me. He actually said he wanted to take "the family". Anyway, on Thanksgiving, I did the norm of going to my mom's where the lot of us go for Thanksgiving dinner at noon. When I grabbed my plate, it crossed my mind to go tell my husband food was ready. Needless to say it shook me up emotionally. But, I gathered left overs and took them to him because he was at home alone during that time. That evening we went out. Friday evening I got another FB IM from him where he spilled his guts, said how stupid he was and asked for me to "keep the door open". Believe me, I thought we were done. Like I said, how he had treated me during that time I thought he hated me. During the month of December and leading up to Christmas had been the best time of my marriage. We dated and really enjoyed each other's company. On Christmas Eve I thought I would do something that meant a lot and that was to put back on my rings...but I have been unable to find them. I thought I packed them.

Now on to my Valentines Fantasy....

The engagement ring also has a story behind it...but I won't bore you with that. Let's just say that my dream is for him to give me a ring that was chosen for "me". I doubt it is going to happen and I am trying my best not to let it get me down. But, during the month of Dec he was doing things like buying me a pack of socks because he noticed two pairs I had worn had holes in them. He bought me a heater to keep me warm in my rental house. He has never thought about me like that. Though he hasn't been doing that sort of thing very much now, we are still getting a long so very well....even though we are living under separate roofs. I really don't think it is going to happen unless a birdy whispers in his ear...but that is my fantasy.

When Brody McAllister set out on a task he has done since his youth—driving longhorns along the trail from Texas to Kansas—the last thing he expected to find along the way is a beautiful woman dressed in men’s clothing. The tale of her brother depositing her in the untamed land, alone and hungry, has him fired up and ready to do whatever he has to do to see to her safety.
Finding herself abandoned in the middle of nowhere was bad enough for Brianna Wallace. She was used to city life, but that’s not the worst of her worries. She is a vampire. When a handsome cattle driver literally scoops her up and takes her along on his journey, Bri fights to keep her heart and her secret to herself, but loses both battles. The sudden reappearance of her brother to force her aid in his return to New York threatens to solve her Brody dilemma by taking her away and most likely, ending her life. Either way, she may never see Brody again.

Author Rie McGaha:
I was married to a man who was very romantic. My birthday is Oct 7, and for the entire month I got a present and handmade card from him, and he was a talented artist. On my birthday he took me out to dinner, wined and dined me, gave me a beautiful opal, either ring or necklace because that's my birthstone, and a bouquet of flowers, and then we'd go to our favorite hotel. There was one particular room we always stayed in on the second floor that had a separate living area with fireplace and glass french doors that opened to the bedroom. There was a CA king size bed, and an alcove with a jacuzzi and windows over-looking the bay. We shared wine, strawberries and chocolate, while in the jacuzzzi, played in the water, and gave each other massages. Because I knew the chef, he would send us a meal that we shared, and sometimes we just cuddled and looked out at the boats on the water, and sometimes we made love everywhere, but the important thing was being together as a couple. He passed away 12/18/2010 and my life will never be the same.  

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. That’s Twyla’s philosophy ever since she found a pair of thongs in her fiancĂ©’s car the day before their wedding. Now it’s Valentine’s Day and her roommate is all about the hearts and chocolates, but Twyla isn’t going for it. That is, until a few ghosts drop in to show her the error of her ways.

Author Danielle D. Smith:
I may be old-fashioned, but being one-on-one with my beefcake husband is my ultimate Valentine's Day fantasy, (and I've had threesomes!). An "ideal" Val's Day would be taking off to some dream destination (a few days in advance, of course!)--mine would be Istanbul, Turkey, Greece or Almalfi Coast in Italy. Waking up at sunrise on the "big V", making love sweet n' slow (then again, hard n' fast). Fresh seafood on some gorgeous beach, then museum and ancient site hopping; perhaps a visit to an archaeological dig where new history is just being unearthed. Finish with dinner at some mom n' pop eatery, or perhaps some street food, followed by hardcore bangin' deep into the night! Falling asleep in some big sweaty pile. Ahhhh...bliss.


A meltingly sexy hunter with rock star style. An insatiable seducer and lover of women. Son of a human lady of the night and a True Native of Hell, he is a killer of the evils that dwell in darkness. Fifty miles of bad road will lead him and his rumbling Harley to an abandoned town and the vampyre hunt of his dreams. It is in the rot and the ruin that Skriker will discover his destiny.

A fierce and beautiful huntress haunted by a tragic past. The most amazing woman that Skriker has ever met. A sizzling tryst will lead him to discover that Rose is his soul mate, the girl who will make him abandon his lustful ways and make him hunger for her alone. But Skriker's new beloved harbors an ironic secret. 
A secret that may lead to a half-demon's gruesome undoing...

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Author AP Miller:
When it comes to a real fantasy I think of mood music to set the scene, a waiting bubble bath surrounded by scented candles, chocolate covered strawberries and a good fine wine.

That’s more realistic. Let’s face reality, every woman has that fantasy, the one that makes our panties wet, our hearts pump a mile a minute and the one where we just can’t keep our damn hands to ourselves! The one where you’re dreaming about that one hot guy and you wake up heavy with breath, realize you’re back in reality and cry because you want to fall asleep again.

We all do it, hot cops, military men, construction workers, bikers, rock stars, actors…whatever floats your boat. When I’m asked about my fantasies, it’s simple - I’m living it. I’m a cougar, with a hot young hubby, what more can I say?

Our fantasies are role played, literally. Well let’s just say you may read about similar situations in our books. I’m not going to go into detail since you can pretty much see where we are coming from when you read Librarians Don’t Get Married, or Book of Erotic Tales, or even Executive Decisions…but I won’t tell…in any event, I wish you all pleasant dreams and a Happy Valentine’s Day…  

What happens when Walt Disney meets the Brothers Grimm in a series of twisted, dark, horror-filled fairy tales in a world of Vampires, Werewolves, Goblins and the Gnome King. In the dark forest Rhed Riding Hood finds her way to Granny's house. Years later her passion is awakened by something so dark and sinister that no form of witchcraft can ever prevent.
Prince Charming's Princess is thrown to the ground as her once elegant coach turns into a pumpkin and becomes surrounded by mice at the stroke of midnight. Suddenly Charming isn't so charming any longer.
Snow White is sent into the woods to be put to death, but the woodsman has other ideas, and the pure step daughter is thrown into a realm where even evil itself cannot touch her, but becomes her.
Beyond the Looking Glass finds Alice set in an underground world she would never expect through the very nature of it, which forces her to find her way back through Wonderland with the help of the Cheshire cat.

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Author Michael Mandrake:
This is my Valentine’s day fantasy with one of my favorite musicians –  ;)
"Rawiya, baby it's gettin' a little hot out here, let's go inside..."
Roger was lying on the cot, stretched out. The sun was beating down on him, he desperately wanted to go inside with his lovely wife to get cool or maybe that was get hotter?
Rawiya walked back from the shore. She’d just been swimming, her suit was clinging to every part of her body.
"Fuck..." Roger mouthed, watching her come towards him with hungry eyes.
"What were you saying, my love? You want to go in now?" She licked her lips.
Roger rose to his knees, thrusting his tongue into her mouth, she accepted, thrashing along with his, pinning it down for the count.
"My love, maybe a little fun this afternoon before I get dinner going, hmmm?" She said, dragging her fingertips along his face.
Roger looked into her light brown eyes. "Oh yes, baby, before we order out, you mean. Besides, it too hot to cook anything and, I don't want you spending that much time in the kitchen.
She laughed, "Fine by me, Roger, let's go inside then, shall we?"
Again Roger kissed her, his hands dropping to her thighs, gripping them tight. Right then he wanted to put her on the makeshift bed, and make her scream out his name. This was however, their private beach, but, since it was scorching outside, fun would be better where it's cool.

Roger walked in with her, touching her backside as she walked. He snapped the suit against her ass. 

"Shit, Roger!" She whipped around lightly punching his ribs. 

"Yeah babe, I love the way that suit fits against you thighs. I want to be between them." Roger grabbed her arms, pulling her close. 

She kissed him on the lips. "Well, Mr. Taylor, I would love that? How about I wash the salt water off first?" 

Roger gripped her bottom again, pinching the underside. "How about, we both do it, I love showers..." 
She smiled wickedly, grasping his tight buns. "Do you really? Well let’s go then..." 

Adrian Vanderguard is the hottest singer in the music business right now and is currently on tour supporting his third album. Now that the long journey is coming to a close, he is visiting his home away from home in New York City to play a string of six exclusive shows at New York’s famous Falcon Theatre in front of sellout crowds that include top celebrities.

Author Xavier Axelson:
Can I confess?  I married a Valentine fantasy came true and I didn't even know!  At the time I was working for a swanky catering company in Beverly Hills and we were in full Valentine pre party planning and chaos!  I was on the phone when I heard a knock at the office door; one of the women I worked with answered it and there was an immediate flurry of noise and "oohs" and "ahhs"  not knowing what it was I finished the call and before I could get up my guy came around the corner with a massive flower arrangement. Now he is talented at almost everything he does (it's quite disgusting) but this really was a spectacular display.  Black and burgundy roses filled the air with their fragrance and any number of other dark red, purple and crimson flowers with names I don't know spilled from the giant vase. I also found that he had filled the vase with pomegranates (my favorite fruit) it was quite spectacular. He then handed me a gorgeous gift bag which I discovered he had filled with Valentines (one to be opened for every day of the month)

The women I worked with just stood stupefied and I think one may have cried.

Mind you this was February 1st! So for the rest of the month I proceeded to open one card a day and I must admit, these Valentine's were unbelievable. Most of them like I said were vintage and some were huge and some were tiny and some were pop up kinds and some even had moving parts. I still have them in the bag.

The days were filled with surprises of Belgian chocolates and little gifts that he would hand deliver (mind you we live about 1/2 an hour from where I worked) and the women I worked with became progressively more jealous and would often ask if he "had a brother," one even said "hell, I'm not picky does he have a sister?"

On Valentine's Day I came home and found he had made dinner, I provided dessert.  I'm not sure if everyone knows what a Dacquoise is (basically it's meringue) I searched high and low for someone who could make a heart shaped Dacquoise and being in the catering biz I soon found someone who would so I picked up the confection that was filled with white chocolate and raspberries and headed home. After a fabulous dinner and being plied with wine I was told to sit in the other room while he got my present ready. I could not imagine what present could top everything else...

I was soon called into the bathroom where he had prepared a bubble bath; candles lit, rose petals in the water, music, the works!  He then undressed me and once in the tube he did something I 'll never forget...he said "I want you to relax and enjoy this, it's all for you."  He read me a poem he had written in my honor while I bathed and after the bath...well..that's between he and I.
A Valentine for Evrain by Xavier Axelson- Evrain runs a chocolate store in a small town and is not above using the storefront for hot encounters with local guys. But love is definitely not in the cards, at least until he meets Ambrosio. The Sexy Latino soon teaches Evrain a lesson in love that neither man will soon forget.