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Friday, July 30, 2010

Dustin Time by June Kramin

Title: Dustin Time
Author: June Kramin
Release Date: August 1, 2010
Publisher: Champagne Books
Genre: Sci-Fi/Paranormal/Fantasy/Time Travel

Blurb: A successful veterinarian, Kaitlyn thought she was content with her life. That is, until she turns thirty and realizes that her current 'boy toy' is simply not the father material she was looking for. As her biological clock ticks loudly in her ear, both her 'toy' and fate strongly disagree. 

But something happens and over the next several days, she starts traveling between her birthdays of an altered present and those of her past, leaving her more confused than ever. With the help of a kindly old custodian named Frank, Kaitlyn comes to terms with her feelings for Dustin. And can Dustin Time quiet the ticking she's trying so desperately to ignore?

Welcome to Sizzling Releases, June Kramin I’m so pleased you could join me today. What is your Sizzling Release?
It’s my first published novel, Dustin Time.

What is Dustin Time all about?
My main character doesn’t take turning thirty very well. She tries to break up with her twenty-five-year-old “boy toy” but fate has other plans for her. She travels between an altered present and her past, always running into him at different stages. He wins her over again and again but it doesn’t stop her from time traveling.

That sounds fascinating. How did you come up with the idea?
 While I was writing another novel, an idea popped into my head. I wrote down one sentence then retuned to it when I finished the current project. It wrote itself from there. I wish I’d saved it. It was along the lines of “MC goes to an altered future where she has a baby and hops around different times struggling to get back to it…” or something like that. I had no idea what it would turn into.

This is your first published work, which must be very exciting for you. What was it like for you to write your first book and get published?
The day I got the acceptance letter was up there with the best days of my life. For me, the writing is the easy part. Getting published is the struggle. I was about ready to give up when I opened up the e-mail. I ran outside to tell my husband, then spent the night on the phone texting and calling just about everyone. Every stage of this process is exciting and makes it that much more real. I see my name on my cover and it’s still sinking in. This is actually the fifth novel I completed. I have just a handful of people I let read my work and this was the favorite so I dropped the others and hit Dustin Time hard with agents and publishers and it finally paid off!

What are you working on now?
Right now I’m taking a breather. I just finished my ninth novel and am waiting for the muse to hit again. The last one I completed was triggered on a single sentence as well, so I guess I’m waiting for that to be thrown at me again. I learned so much while editing Dustin Time that I am going back and cleaning up all the others. I also have nine kids’ fantasy books that I’d like to get serious about cleaning up and submitting as well. It’ll keep me out of trouble for a while. * wink *

Do you have an evil day job, and if you do, how do you find time to write? 
I have to laugh here because my evil day job is where I do 98% of my writing. I work for a printing company alone in a “sister” office. Most of the work is repeat orders so that leaves a lot of free time. My boss said, “It can get boring there; bring a book,” so I write them instead.

What is your typical writing day like?
I have a few friends from my writing forum that I like to play “word wars” with. One of us gives a “1,2,3 go,” and we’re off and running. A good day is about 5,000 words but I have done as much as 9,000 when I was really rolling. I don’t outline or ever seem to know where I’m going with the story. I open up my laptop and my characters usually take over.

What does your family and friends think about you being a published author? 
Everyone is so excited for me. I can’t even express how awesome it feels. I have classmates and old friends crawling out of the woodwork on Facebook. They say they can’t wait to buy it just because they know me. I have a lot of writer friends online. The support I have received there is just amazing.

What are you looking forward to for the rest of the year?
I’m really anxious for my book signings. It’s a great excuse to plan trips to two places I still call home. I’ll get to see as many family and friends as possible in Philadelphia where I was born, and Maui where I spent from ages 4-27.

Thank you so much for being here. Is there anything else you’d like the readers to know?
I hope everyone enjoys reading Dustin Time as much as I loved writing it. Dusty was one of those characters that took over my WIP and kind of did his own thing. I double dog dare you not to love him.

And before we go, can we get a juicy excerpt from Dustin Time here? 
Here’s a scene from Kaitlyn’s first trip back to her college days. In her “normal” time frame, she and Dusty hadn’t met yet.

Kaitlyn walked into the coffee shop and smiled wide again. It was all so familiar. At least this time she’d know what to expect. She noticed her shoe had become untied so she bent down to tie it. When she stood up, she looked into a familiar face--only it was a few years younger as well.
“Fancy meeting you here,” the man said, then smiled wide, obviously happy to see her.
Kaitlyn fainted.
~ * ~
She woke up on the couch of the coffee shop with Dustin at her side and a washcloth on her forehead. She tried to sit up but he gently pushed her back down.
“Just lay back there, cupcake. Take a few minutes to gather yourself.” He turned to the manger, who was also standing there as if he worried that there would be a lawsuit coming. “You can go. She’s fine.”
Kaitlyn stared at Dustin’s profile as he talked. He was just as gorgeous four years younger. He looked closer to eighteen than he did twenty-one. His beautiful brown eyes glistened with the same gold flecks. He was still muscular, just slightly smaller and a little skinnier. His brown hair was a little longer too. She did always say she preferred short hair on men, but she wanted to run her fingers through it just the same. She watched his Adam’s apple as he talked and longed to give it a kiss.
Never mind, she thought. If this is a dream, let me sleep.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Slave Auction by Stormy Glenn

Title: Slave Auction
Author: Stormy Glenn
Author Website
Release Date: June 12, 2010
Publisher: Silver Publishing
Genre: Erotic/M/M/Sci-fi/Paranormal/Werewolf/Romance
Buy Link

Rojan Ja'Dar is a rogue, a pirate that buys and sells cargo for a living. He is his own man, skirting the edge of the law and answering to no one. Arriving on a particular planet, he goes to drop off cargo and discovers a human pet being sold at an auction house. Intrigued, Rojan breaks all his rules and buys the human as his pet. It isn't until after he purchases the human that Rojan discovers he just bought his mate.

Claiming Tyion is not as easy as buying him. Not understanding the danger he is in, Tyion fights his situation as a highly prized and sought after pet in Rojan's world. Rojan has to convince Tyion that being his mate is not as bad as being a pet, even if they have to pretend to the rest of the world that Tyion is just a possession. That is hard to do when someone is after Tyion, someone not from Earth.

Welcome to Sizzling Releases, Stormy, I’m so pleased you could join me today. What is your Sizzling Release? 
Slave Auction

What is Slave Auction all about? 
Werewolves in outer-space…hahaha.

That sounds um, different? How did you come up with the idea? 
Actually, this was a yahoo group brainstorm project. I got together with a bunch of people on my yahoo group and threw out the idea of "what if", which is my favorite type of brainstorming. What did they want to see me write? After a long discussion and adding together of ideas, werewolves in outer space was born. Not too long after that, I began Slave Auction.

I know this is book number 1 in the series Spaced Out For Love. Did you begin writing with a series in mind, or did your muse take over? 
I didn't know it was going to be a series until the 7th chapter when Cory was introduced into the plot. I'm never really in control of what I write. I'm just the typee. My characters write the story.

As a multi-published author, what advice do you have for those just beginning a career as a writer? 
Don't give up. Keep perfecting your skills. I learn something new with every book I write, edit, and release. And, while I write what comes into my head, reader input is important. They can help you write a great book.

Tell the readers about your backlist. 
Oh, my backlist. I have a lot of series because I love my characters, even the minor characters. When they scream loud enough in my head, they get their story. A list of all my series is here.  I never know what series I'm going to add to, or if it's going to be a stand-alone story until it's done. Currently, I have 40 books released, including 3 anthologies. Here is a list of my different series:
Dark Court
Delta Wolf
Katzmen Series
Love's Legacy
Lovers of Alpha Squad
Promises Series
Sammy & Friends
Sir Series
Spaced Out For Love
Tri Omega Mates
Wolf Creek Pack

What are you working on now? 
LOL…everything. Have you seen my WIP list on my website? I don't believe in writer's block. If I get stuck on something, I just move on to something else until I can come back and finish up. I also constantly have stuff running through my head. I keep pads of paper all over the place to write notes down so I don't forget a great idea.

Do you have an evil day job, and if you do, how do you find time to write? 
Naw, I write fulltime from home. My evil day job is being a fulltime mother and housewife for the last umpty scrunch years. My me-time is writing.

Do you have a favorite character you’ve written but still think about? 
Sasha from My Lupine Lover…I think about him all the time. I think he might be one of my favorite characters. My Lupine Lover was a stand-alone story but loosely connected to the Tri Omega Mates series. As it was a stand-alone story, I just may write another story with Sasha and Vadim at some later date.

What does your family and friends think about you being a published author? 
They have all been very supportive. It's a little hard sometimes because I spend so much time in front of my laptop but they understand Mom NEEDS to write.

July is all about celebration. How does your family celebrate the 4th of July? 
The 4th is a very big celebration for us. We've been celebrating the same way for nearly 15yrs. We go out of town to home of a friend who lives in the country. It started as just their family and ours, a place we could get together with our kids. This last year, it was so big we had a live band, fireworks, and five BBQ's cooking. It took ten long tables to seat everyone. We had a redneck waterslide and hot tub (basically, a large tarp going down the side of the hill with a hose to make it wet for the waterslide and a wagon lined with tarps then filled with water). It's a blast.

Hotdogs or hamburgers? 
Yes and no…everyone brings something like a big potluck and we cook up brisquette or a pig or something. It's huge.

Watching community fireworks shows or having them at home? 
When it gets dark, everyone gets chairs and blankets and sits on the side of the hill. We can see the fireworks from three different directions. And then we set off our own. I can't count the number of times I've sat with the other wives and said "Oh lord, they've got fireworks AND beer. Honey, don't blow anything off. I might need it later!"

LOL I totally understand, I say that to the men in my life quite a bit! Thank you so much for being here. Is there anything else you’d like the readers to know?
"Never let another man's opinion become your reality" (unknown author)…If I had, I never would have become a writer. Live your dream!

And before we go, can we get a juicy excerpt from Slave Auction?
My pleasure.

"I’ll take him.”
"Captain, maybe you wish to choose another pet?” the auctioneer said. "This one is not yet properly trained, as you can see.”
As Rojan Ja'Dar watched, the young human that caught his interest struggled against two of the guards as they stripped his scant clothing from him. He knew the human would be screaming except for the ball gag in his mouth, helpless desperation clear on the man's face.
The guards fastened the human's hands to chains hanging above his head, a spreader bar between his legs, cuffed at the ankles. The ankle bar was fastened to the floor, immobilizing the man in one place. No matter how much he struggled he couldn't get away.
Rojan saw one of the guards pull a leather flogger from a nearby cabinet. He knew even before the guard turned back to the bound human that he would beat the little man. Rojan growled, the muscles in his arms tensing. He felt an overwhelming need to protect the human. Besides, if anyone was going to mark the little man it would be him.
He reached over and grabbed the auctioneer by the scruff of his collar, lifting the sour smelling man several inches off the floor before leaning in until their faces were only inches apart. "I want him unmarked," he growled, showing a bit of fang.
"Ye -- yes, cap -- captain," the man stammered."
"The only marks he will wear will be mine," Rojan snapped before he released the man and tossed him away. His eyes went back to the man suspended from the chains in the ceiling. He really was a beautiful specimen.
Rojan had seen many humans in his lifetime, most of them slaves but a few men freed by their masters. Humans were considered an inferior race, not good for anything beyond entertainment and servitude.
As small as they were, they couldn't fight and win against those of Rojan's race, the Phangars, or most of the known universe. He had yet to meet a human that reached as high as his shoulders let alone strong enough to best him in a fight, fair or not.
Most believed they didn't have the mental capacity to be an advanced race. Their primitive world of Earth proved that, having only discovered space travel in the last fifty years. The Phangars had been in space for centuries.
As pets however, humans seemed to do extremely well, making them desired throughout the universe. They were easily mastered and just as easily trained. Their bodies, smaller and less muscular than Rojan's people, were desired for their softness and sexual compatibility with the Phangar race.
Rojan hadn't been looking for a pet to warm his bed but he wasn't adverse to the idea. His trips through the universe as a black market courier made for many nights alone in space. He considered finding a lover from his race or another more advanced race but soon decided against it when he realized he had a need to dominate someone.
He liked the power he had as captain of his own flag ship. He had a competent crew, handpicked and personally trained by him. They answered to him and only him. He was the boss. He wanted the same relationship with the creature to warm his sheets.
A human pet might be the answer. They looked pleasing to the eye, soft to hold, and trainable, nearly a perfect match to what Rojan needed in his bed. He realized it would take time to train the human to his wants and needs but soon he could have the pet of his dreams.
"I want to examine him," Rojan stated. "Alone!"
The auctioneer quickly crossed to the glass enclosed room and knocked to gain the attention of the guards. He gestured madly to the human then to Rojan. His arms crossed over his chest, his feet spread slightly apart, Rojan took on his don't fuck with me or I'll rip your head off stance, one that intimidated most people, and waited.
The guards quickly left the enclosure. Rojan walked in. He could hear the harsh breathing from the human. He could smell the man's fear. It surrounded him like a cloak, overwhelming almost every other scent in the room.
But not quite. Rojan could detect a sweet masculine scent underlying all of the human's terror. It reminded him of the massa fruit coveted by many and found only in the farthest reaches of the universe. Rojan smuggled many boxes of the precious cargo through the system. It always garnered him a high price and a pocket full of money.
Rojan walked up behind the man and looked down at his head. He truly was glorious, all sleek lines and lean muscles. Rojan ghosted his hand over the curve of the human's ass with the lightest of touches. The man arched away from him, a cry falling from his lips through the gag.
Rojan stroked a little harder. The man arched again. Rojan wondered why he would move away when he had nowhere to go. He hung suspended from the ceiling, his feet anchored to the floor. He couldn't get away.
He moved his hand down the man's silky white blond hair, shuddering at the soft feel of the silky strands moving through his fingers. He wondered if it would feel as good wrapped around his cock while the human sucked him off. It didn't matter really. He intended to find out later.
Rojan grabbed a handful of the man's hair and pulled his head back. It was only then that he noticed the blindfold covering the human's eyes. Interesting. It was as if the trainers used sensory deprivation in his training. Rojan would have to remember that.
"You're mine, pet," Rojan growled into the human's ear. He felt the man's entire body tremble against him. An increase of fear spiked the air. Rojan reached down and stroked his hand across the man's chest trying to calm him but the man bucked against him, whimpering behind his gag.
Rojan pulled the gag from the man's mouth then removed the blindfold before stepping around in front of him. He watched the man blink several times, licking his lips until his vision cleared. Suddenly, the man's eyes widened and his mouth dropped open.
"Shit!" the man gasped. "You're an alien."
"Do you know why you're here, little human?" Rojan asked, watching the man's reaction carefully.
"Little human…" the man hissed."I'm not going to like this, am I?"
Rojan chuckled. "You might," he said as he rubbed his knuckles over the man's nipple, feeling the little nubs harden to beads. He enjoyed the little hiss that escaped the human's mouth. He could tell that the human would be very responsive to touch.
"I think it depends on your ability to accept your training," he continued, watching the human's eyes widen again at his words.
"Training?" the human squeaked.
"I told you that you were mine now, pet."
The human paled, gulping audibly. "Pet?"
Rojan waved his hands around the glass enclosed cage. "You're in an auction house, pet. The highest bidder gets to keep you." Rojan smirked. "I'm the highest bidder."
"An -- and that means what?"
"Accept my rule, obey me in all things, and I will take you out of here," Rojan replied. "Don't and you go up on the auction block for the next highest bidder and I take my money back."
The human's brow scrunched together. "You actually bought me? How can you do that? I'm a free man. I didn't agree to this."
Rojan shrugged. "Obviously someone at some point thought you would make a good pet. Humans usually do once they settle in. You were procured for auction and brought here."
"Procured?" the human snapped. Rojan arched his eyebrow again at the vehemence of the man's words. Seems his new pet had a temper. Rojan would both enjoy that and temper it with his own hand. "I was home sleeping when someone came into my room and took me. I woke up here. This is called kidnapping."
"I'm sure you believe that however, as your race is a primitive one and has not joined the United Planetary Alliance, you have no rights except those given to you by your master and that would be me."
"And you're okay with that?"
Rojan's interest peaked. The human sounded outraged. While he felt sure that he didn't like being kidnapped from his home, Rojan knew the man would learn to appreciate his ownership.
"Humans don't have rights as far as the United Planetary Alliance is concerned. Until a planet joins the planetary government, their citizens have no rights at all. In fact, all citizens from Earth are required to have ownership papers. Any human caught without a sign of ownership or a master could be imprisoned or executed." Rojan leaned down until he was nose to nose with the human. "Is that what you want?"
The human's eyes widened again. "N -- no."
"Then you have two choices, pet," Rojan said. "You can obey my every word and accept me as your master or I can leave you here to be trained by the guards then sold at auction. What's it going to be?"
"Wha -- what does being a pet mean?"
"It means you belong to me and only me." Rojan smirked as he walked around to stand behind the human. He reached down to grasp the human's ass cheeks in his hand, giving them a gentle squeeze. "Obey me and you'll be rewarded."
Rojan let loose with a quick swat across the man's ass. "Disobey me and you will be punished." The man cried out, his body arching away from the smack. Even if his cries denied it, the human's body couldn't hide his response. He enjoyed it.
Rojan's hand roamed around the human's body to grasp his hard cock. He stroked him a few times, the human's little gasps heightening his own arousal. He pictured a future of dominating his little pet and almost came in his pants.
The human's body quaked in his arms. Rojan could feel the drops of pre-cum on his fingers as he stroked them over the mushroomed shaped head of his cock. The human was so damn responsive. Rojan wanted to take him right then but knew he needed to wait until they got back to the ship. Besides, anticipation was half the fun.
"Well, pet?" Rojan whispered into the human's ear. His hand continued to stroke the man's cock. "Do you go home with me or do I turn you over to the guards?"
"Please," the human pleaded. When the human's hips thrust against his hand, Rojan decided to let it go. Normally, he'd deny the human's orgasm until he wanted it but the man had a lot of learning ahead of him.
Letting him come this once was a small price to pay for the human's agreement to be his pet. True, he didn't really have a choice. Rojan owned him fair and square but having the man's acceptance would make their future a lot easier.
"Are you going to come for me, little pet?" Rojan whispered. He knew his larger body hid the human from anyone watching them, which was good because he didn't want anyone else seeing his pet in the throes of passion. He was just too damn beautiful.
Rojan licked his finger, getting it nice and wet, before reaching down and pushing it between the man's ass cheeks. The man struggled, but restrained as he was, not only could he not get away, but his legs were spread just enough that Rojan could push his finger right into the man's tight hole.
The man bucked and cried out. Warm liquid splashed over the hand Rojan had wrapped around his cock. Rojan stroked the human a few more times then dropped his cock and pulled his finger from the man's ass.
The sweet scent of the human's spunk rampaged through his body faster than a firestorm, imprinting the man's scent on Rojan and letting him know he held more than just a pet in his arms. He held his mate.
Rojan growled low in his throat, the need to claim the human almost more powerful than his control. Rojan was stunned. He'd come to the auction house to deliver cargo. He had no idea he would discover his mate.
He grabbed a handful of the man's white blond hair and pulled his head back. Dazed grey blue eyes blinked up at him. Rojan stroked his finger down the man's flushed face. "Mine!"
The human seemed confused. His forehead scrunched, his lips drew into a thin line. He looked like he wanted to say something but he wasn't quite sure what.
"You belong to me. You'll learn to obey my every command, my every wish. You will live for my pleasure. Do you understand?"
The human paled, gulping so loudly that Rojan could hear it in the silence of the room. His lips twisted as he tried to suppress his grin. He liked this human. Besides his sex-on-a-stick good looks, Rojan suspected the human would give him just enough resistance to keep life interesting.
Rojan couldn't wait.

Friday, July 2, 2010

My Beloved Enemy by Christopher Newman

Title: My Beloved Enemy         
Author: Christopher Newman
Release Date: 06/08/10
Publisher: Freya’s Bower
Genre: futuristic/romance/erotica

Linh Ming Trung once had a family, friends and a dance career but that was before the Western Alliance Coalition invaded her native Vietnam. Now she is a sniper who dons her Kali Power Armor to ruthlessly dispatch her nation's foes. Like her body, Linh's heart is equally sheathed in steel. But a chance encounter with a handsome WAC soldier could change all that. Lt. Russell Fraser defeats her in combat--but will he do the same on a softer battlefield? Will Linh succumb to her sexy captor or honor the death of her first lover?

Welcome to Sizzling Releases, Christopher Newman. I’m so pleased you could join me today. What is your Sizzling Release?
My Beloved Enemy

What is My Beloved Enemy all about?
It’s about a female Vietnamese sniper in the future who has sworn an oath to do whatever it takes to eject the invaders in her country.  Linh Ming Trung holds the rank of Major in the Asian Pacific Pact (which includes Vietnam, Cambodia and other smaller countries).  The Western Alliance Coalition (America, Canada and Mexico) attacked to unite the world under one common government.  Linh is captured by Lieutenant Russell Fraser but a third conglomerate enters the war and they’re forced into an uneasy alliance.  Basically it’s about how nations make war, not people.

That sounds very interesting. How did you come up with the idea?
I was talking to my son who’s in the military and has done three tours (Iraq twice and Afganistan once).  During the discussion we batted around the idea of how futile war is and how it’s nations engaging in it despite how most people tend to be more forgiving.  Also this push by most countries to become a single world government (which scares me frankly) was woven into the novel as well.

My son also served in Iraq an Afghanistan, so I know exactly what you mean, and please tell your son we think he rocks! Now, as a multi-published author, what advice do you have for those just beginning a career as a writer?
Practice, practice, practice! You can never write enough or try different things as an author. Expand your skills by trying something different. For example I wrote My Beloved Enemy from a female point of view but I’m a man. This taught me a lot about how to make my feminine characters more realistic. Also, blaze your own trail, do your research and never give up.  Develop strong, believable characters and a driving plotline.

Tell the readers about your backlist.
From Sizzler Editions I have The Truth about Vampires, Rites of the Vampire Cult, Ghost Lover, Love Spell, Nymph-omania, and L.O.V.E; the Legion of Valiant Enforcers.

Available from Dark Roast Press  is the Noah Ravenswood series featuring The Curse of Albrecht Manor, The Hound of Doom, Those Dangerous Times, Get Into the Spirit, Baby, The Devil His Due, Return to Albrecht Manor.  Other titles are A Terrible Tryst of Fate, Uprising, and Tales from the Uprising

Through Red Rose Publishing I have Jen’s Tale

From Freya’s Bower they’ve published my book Love Bites Back and now My Beloved Enemy.

In both e-book and print format Eternal Press offers up The Scandalous Tale of Agnes Biggenbotten.

What are you working on now? 
The Witch, the Badge and the Golem, it’s a urban fantasy about two detectives aided by a college student and witch trying to catch a serial-killer who is apparently creating a golem.

Do you have an evil day job, and if you do, how do you find time to write? 
Currently I’m unemployed so I write every day the mood strikes me.

Do you have a favorite character you’ve written but still think about?
Noah Ravenswood from the same named series of books with Dark Roast Press. It’s been fun putting a long history into him and the fact he’s like me has a lot to do with it. He’s a realist and cranky since he spends his time pulling peoples’ fat out of the fires they create by misusing magick. 

What does your family and friends think about you being a published author?
They think it’s pretty awesome but since I’ve been writing since I was a kid nobody’s surprised I’m published.

July is all about celebration. How does your family celebrate the 4th of July?  
The usual way, cookouts, parades and fireworks.

Hotdogs or hamburgers? 

Watching community fireworks shows or having them at home? 
Community fireworks shows, I love the grand finale!

Thank you so much for being here. Is there anything else you’d like the readers to know?
You can go to my website for more info or even check out my book video trailers at

And before we go, can we get a juicy excerpt from My Beloved Enemy?  

“Don’t move!” a male voice commanded.  “Put your hands up where I can see them!”
Twisting at the waist and towards her left she spotted the voice’s owner.  The emblem upon the center of his black tee shirt made her heart sink.  The shield-and-fist symbol of the Western Alliance Coalition.  Her escape plans evaporated in an instant, she had no weapons nor was Linh in any condition for hand-to-hand with the enemy. 
He stood six feet tall, with closely sheared black hair, and a muscular build.  His chiseled and handsome face could’ve been on a poster for the WAC recruiting stations across their sphere of influence.  His chest heaved, and yet the muzzle of his sub-machinegun never moved or wavered.  His thick thighs bulged from his dark green shorts, weaving knotted muscles into mid-calf military boots.  His brown eyes, like well polished mahogany, pierced hers, and were as unflinching as his weapon.  But within those orbs she could see a momentary surprise, a flinching of his eyelids. Linh wondered if the fact she was a woman had shaken the soldier.  He spoke, but his mouth didn’t fit the words she heard, reminding her of a poorly translated cartoon from Japan.  The translator chip behind both ears turned his English into Vietnamese.
“I'm Lieutenant Russell Fraser of the 328th Armored Response Company, Fifth Battalion, First Corps and you are my prisoner,” he announced.  “I will see to it you are returned unharmed back to our base and treated for your injuries.  Come along peacefully. I don’t wish to have to kill a prisoner.”
“I am in no condition to oppose you, Lieutenant,” she stated in defeat.  “My left leg is broken and I’m unarmed.”   
“Name, rank, and serial number.”
“Major Linh Ming Trung of the 901st People’s Militia Battalion, serial number two-seven, four-six, forty-one, sixteen.”
“Turn around, fingers laced together and put them on the top of your head.”
She didn’t answer, but did as he commanded.  She heard him move, and then his hands roughly searched her body for concealed weapons in an efficient, but harsh manner.
“Welcome to peacetime, Major.” He backed away.  Linh turned to face her captor.
“Peace?  What a funny concept for you, Wackos,” she laughed, using the contemptuous nickname for WACs.