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Saturday, January 30, 2010

The Beast Within By Charisma Knight

Title: The Beast Within
Release Date: January 30, 2010
Author: Charisma Knight
Author Website 
Publisher: Sugar and Spice Press
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Genre: Interracial, Paranormal, Erotic Romance

Diana Carrington is a hard working, independent businessperson seeking companionship in all the wrong places, ultimately leads her to Julian Grey.

Suddenly she realizes there is a heavy price to pay when bedding the irresistible vampire, Julian Grey. Ultimately, she discovers a little too late she may never escape the handsome devil with her soul intact, as she’s soon to discover Julian has a dark secret of his own.
Julian’s betrayal and his menacing dark demon lurking beneath his human facade quickly tests their relationship, thrusting the lovers into a world neither has prepared for.

Welcome Charisma, it’s nice to have you here. What is your Sizzling Release?
The Beast Within 

What is The Beast Within all about?
Beautiful and promiscuous Diana Carrington prowls the club scene with her female posse in search of male companionship. Physically drawn to debonair vampire Julian Grey, Diana ultimately falls for him.

Their sexual attraction to one another blossoms into a full blown relationship, but Diana suddenly realizes she’s in over her head with the vampire who harbors a dark secret, and a demon that ultimately may lead to her demise.

What was your inspiration?
The vampire genre. I know as authors/readers, we wonder what it would be like if vampires truly existed. As a woman, what would you do if you suddenly crossed paths with a vampire? Would you accept it because you’ve always thought they existed? Or, would you accept it, but subconsciously deny he was real. Would you freak out, once learning he was a vampire?

Would you graciously turn yourself over to a vampire lover, body and soul, without a care in the world, not caring of the outcome at a later date, until it was a little too late. I would imagine that being with a vampire would be an addiction. Imagine that strong adrenaline rush one would experience with each visit from their vampire lover.

My Diana does, but gets a little more than she bargained for as readers will soon discover. This is a two part series. 

Why paranormal? What’s the draw?
I love anything having to do with the paranormal genre and have always been involved in interracial relationships, so basically, I’m writing from my point of view.  

Tell me, what was your reaction when you received your very first contract to be published?
My first contract was Her Dark Desires. I did a little happy dance all over the place; seriously, my girls thought I was nuts. 

How did you celebrate?
My daughters and I celebrated at The Olive Garden that Saturday, then we went shopping at Burlington. 

Now for some fun stuff! February is just a couple of days away and it known as the month for lovers. What do and your SO have planned for Valentine’s Day?
My SO and I are planning to go to the Poconos. 

Seriously, do you think chocolates and flowers are the way to a woman’s heart?
No, they are a way to her thighs. ; ) Seriously, flowers and chocolates are cliché to me. A nice dinner and a gift would do, something totally unexpected and out of the ordinary.

What would be your ultimate Valentine’s Day? 
The ultimate would be getting whisked away to a castle somewhere in Europe with my SO. We would tour as much of Europe as we possibly could and play lord and lady of the castle. ; ) 

Milk chocolate or dark? 

Thank you so much for joining me! Any last moment comments you’d like to add?
I would love to hear what readers want in a story. I have several WIPs involving werewolf/vampire ménages. I’m also striving to write something out of the ordinary, and I'm open for suggestions.

I have thirty story ideas, but many I’ve had to put on the back burner. I have even thought about something along the lines of sci-fi, and zombie related.   ;) 

Charisma has been gracious enough to give two excerpts from The Beast Within. One she calls "tame" and the other is definitely not tame! Enjoy!

Tame unedited excerpt:

It was early when Julian lightly stroked Diana's cheek. Lying on their sides, they were still entwined with each other. His keen eyes absorbed every inch of her body not covered by the sheet.
"Julian, what time is it?" Diana asked upon waking. "I've got to go to work."

"Honey, its six o'clock in the morning," Julian said, turning slightly, peering at the clock behind him on the nightstand.

"I hate Mondays," Diana groaned, snuggling close to her lover as the rain pounding caught her attention, ruthlessly beating against her bedroom window. "Fuck. It's raining out too."

"Call in," Julian suggested. "Spend the day with me. I'll cook breakfast for you, let me treat you like a queen. At least you have food here in the house."

"Awww, you're too sweet, Jules," Diana chuckled."I could lay here forever, with you."

"So, you'll call in?" Julian asked, kissing her on top of her head.

"Yes, I will call my boss and let her know. It's rare when I play hooky. I deserve it. I need coffee, Julian," Diana said. Stretching, she realized she wanted nothing more than to spend the day getting to know her lover. She had so many questions for him. She looked at him in awe as the vampire rose from the
bed, heading out into the kitchen. Oh, what an ass he had on him. Firm and muscular. Every muscle flexed in his body when he moved. Slowly he slid into his faded blue jeans, winking at her as she watched him exit the bedroom. Also, surprise gripped her as she realized he was going to make coffee and cook
breakfast. "Julian, coffee will do for now. I'm not really hungry at the moment," Diana called after him. Grabbing the remote from the nightstand, she flicked on the television, wondering if the vampire even knew how to operate the coffee machine.

"Then coffee it is," Julian replied from the kitchen. "And yes, my darling Diana, I know how to make coffee," he added.

Feeling slightly embarrassed, and then a little ticked off for him invading her thoughts, Diana hauled herself out of bed, and grabbed her robe from the chair next to her walk-in closet. Slowly, she strolled into the kitchen, staring in amazement as Julian flicked on the switch to the coffeemaker. Usually, she was the one making coffee in the morning at least that was the way things went in her last relationship..

"Do you have a habit of reading another person's thoughts?" Diana asked as her eyes roamed over Julian's body. Her nipples tingled at the discovery of his half-hardened cock through his jeans when he turned to face her.

"Yes I do," Julian replied, turning to face her. "My apologies to you, love, but it is something I've been doing for centuries," the vampire said. "I can work on this. I see you aren't too happy."

"I would appreciate it. I like to keep my thoughts private," she giggled.

"No worries, Diana," Julian said, walking over to her, wrapping her in his arms, pulling her close to him. "We have a lot of catching up to do," Julian suggested. "I want us to take this time and enjoy this day, so if there is anything you want to ask, please feel free to do so.."

"Were you reading my mind again, Julian?"

"No, Diana, that was basic common sense." He laughed. "Naturally, since we have the time, I know you have many questions for me."

"Hell yeah, I do."

When the coffee finished brewing, the couple sat at the dining room table in the living room. Diana was like a child, curious to know from where Julian hailed, what he did…

"I was a knight for King Richard the Lionhearted. I was sired when I returned from the Crusades," Julian continued.

"Who sired you, a male or female vampire?" Diana asked, taking a sip of her coffee.

"A female named Judith," Julian responded.

"What ever happened to her?" Diana asked, experiencing a slight pang of jealousy.

"I'm not sure what became of her. She stayed with me for a month or so, teaching me how to avoid humans who actually hunted vampires. She often said how discretion was the key to survival," Julian said, reminiscing about his transition from human to vampire, barely remembering his sire's face.

"She taught you how to hunt?" Diana asked.

"Yes, she enjoyed hunting and killing," Julian explained, as his mind drifted off to occurrences he barely remembered. "I refused to feed at first, but realized I needed to, or I would cease to exist. I learned that lesson the hard way. She was a very bitter person. She had been a vampire two hundred years before our paths crossed," Julian said. "Each time I hunted, deep inside I knew it wasn't right. I realized after a few kills that it wasn't necessary, something she never told me. Vampires can sustain themselves without taking
lives," Julian explained. "She was very good at deception. I was so angry when I found out it wasn't necessary to kill, however, by then, I enjoyed the thrill of the hunt and the kill. It took me centuries to curb my bloodlust. It's an addiction, Diana," Julian warned, remembering how he once tore into human throats, and savored the sweet taste of flesh and blood. The very thought caused the saliva in his mouth to increase.

"Wow, Julian. So you never let that urge drive you to madness?" Diana asked.

"If a vampire exercises enough control, then yes. Once you become a vampire, when your body dies and the transformation is complete, there are raw emotions to deal with. Imagine sadness, happiness, anger, and the need to feed combined into one huge emotion. And when you start hearing thoughts from people
coming from every direction, it drives you fucking insane," Julian said, half smiling. "Everything little thing is magnetized, like High Definition. All your senses become magnetized, hearing, vision, everything. Sex, is out of this fucking world," Julian said, biting his lip as he caressed Diana's chin. "It becomes an addiction," he whispered, peering into Diana's eyes.

Giggling, Diana grabbed his hand, holding it to her face. She enjoyed talking to the amazing creature, and learning about different times, and places. It was like talking to a living history book. As he promised, Julian cooked eggs, bacon, and toast for his woman. He even brewed a second pot of coffee.

"So, no coffin?" Diana asked.

"No, that's actually the choice of some vampires. We can move about freely during daylight hours, as long as direct sunlight doesn't seep into our dwellings. If you noticed, all my curtains are black. For the most paranoid of vampires there is a certain type of glass that has a chemical within to reject
the sun's rays. I forget the name of that. There are underground vampire covens, that started creating and marketing the glass to other covens. You'd be amazed, Diana." Julian laughed.

"What happens if you were to go out in sunlight?"

"I would become deathly ill, and eventually die, depending upon how long I was out in the sun. It also depends upon our origins and how long we've existed. Ancient vampires can endure sun for the most of the day, but even then, they would need to rejuvenate themselves. It is very important for a vampire to sleep and gather his or her energy, especially if they've been in the sun for whatever reason," Julian said, taking another sip of his coffee.

"Wow. I didn't know all that. What of the underground vampire covens?" Diana asked, feeling like she was caught in some awesome void derived from a book or movie.

"Yes, we must remain secret, so we blend into society," Julian said, sipping his coffee. "What's wrong, Diana?" Julian asked, concern coming over him at the funny look on his lover's face.

"My brother Damian, is a cop out in Los Angeles. He was telling me about strange happenings and seemed overly concerned about me. He warned me not to go to clubs alone. There have been many homicides out there and here," Diana said with concern. "Would you happen to know anything about that?"

"Some vampires are rogue. They hunt and kill without remorse, not caring if humans find out about us. There are covens that will terminate rogue vampires when they discover them. We are a secret of the night that should remain as so," Julian said. "Also, modern day vampire hunters exist. Some kill to rid the world
of vampires, others sell vampire parts for a hefty price."

"Damn," Diana murmured, shaking her head. "I would have never dreamed in a nmillion years."

"Yes, deep down in your subconscious, you knew we existed, but you denied it, even after our second meeting." Julian smirked.

X-Rated Unedited Excerpt:

Outside, beneath the half moon, Julian stood, gazing up at Diana's window. The cool night air flowed through his long brown locks, his pale skin, almost translucent under the light of the moon. She finally responded to his mental calls. He had heard her call earlier, causing a wave of happiness to wash over
him, a rare emotion for him. His breathing labored at the thought of giving her the large bouquet of blood-red roses he had in his truck.

Unfortunately, hearing her every thought, and feeling her strong emotions towards him convinced him that he should avoid her. He wasn't supposed to have this type of feelings. He was only supposed to have bedded the wench and moved on to the next weeks ago, but with this one, he could not. Closing his eyes as
his cock began harden, he remembered every luscious curve of her ebony body. Oh, how her tits filled his hands, and the hot, musky flow of her liquid heat flowed freely from her slit. Her taste was exquisite, pure and sweet. He recalled that sexy ass look in her eyes when he fucked her hard and ate her pussy. She could ask for the world, and he would have given it to her.

Remembering her cries made his cock grow hard as steel, with an overwhelming need to fill her completely. Tonight, if given the chance, he would make slow passionate love to her, worshipping every inch of her from head to toe.

For the past week, he thought of finding someone to sate his powerfulsexual urges, but could not bring himself to do so because the void that once contained his heart yearned only for Diana. This was not the norm for Julian. Oddly, no other woman would suffice. `She' was the one who controlled his every
thought, made him hunger for her, and he would continue to ache with an everlasting need never to be fully satisfied, until he had her again.

Suddenly, he realized he couldn't allow her to know his true feelings. All he wanted at this moment was to make mad, passionate love to her. To please her, make her squirm with desire beneath him. Loneliness was eating away at his soul again, and once more he began to tire of his existence.

Damn her. She brought him to his fucking knees. He could have her now if he wanted, and all the frustration and heartache would end. Perhaps it was fear of her rejection, and the fact that he was a vampire didn't help her decision earlier. Briefly, the thought of controlling her crossed his mind, but he simply could not bring himself to do that. Cursing silently to himself, Julian turned to walk to his truck, grinning from ear to ear like some adolescent schoolboy as he received a sudden burst of confidence. Retrieving the large bouquet of roses, he strolled towards the building.

* * * * * *
Diana was sitting down on the side of her bed, her heart heavy when a strong feeling enveloped her, damn near stealing her breath from her lungs. She was unable to fight the strong urge that pulled her to the balcony in her living room. Startled at first at the silhouette she saw through the curtain, she pulled the material back, amazed as Julian flashed a nervous smile at her.

Quickly, she unlocked and opened the sliding glass door, pulling the vampire inside. "Where have you been?" Diana asked, throwing her arms around the large man.

"So, you have missed me?" he asked, handing her the large bouquet of roses.

Quickly turning on the lights in the living room, Diana gasped at the beautiful flowers, then fixated her gaze upon her lover. A surge of heat rushed throughout her body, and her nipples hardened. Julian looked damn good. She looked at him from head to toe and wanted nothing more than to jump his bones.

"Yes, you know damn well I've missed you, Julian," Diana crooned as Julian scooped her up into his arms.

"Then prove it," Julian murmured, before locking her lips with his. A powerful warm and fuzzy feeling flowed through their veins as they kissed for what seemed like an eternity. Strong, powerful emotions embraced them, encasing them together as one. Slowly, Julian carried Diana to her bedroom, gently
sitting her down on her bed. Eagerly, she attempted to unbutton his faded blue jeans, but he deterred her. Diana began protesting, only to have Julian hold his index finger gently upon her lips.

"I need to taste you," he insisted in a hushed voice.

"I want to suck your cock," Diana whispered. "I want you to come in my mouth and down my throat." At this particular moment in time, the overwhelming desire to please her man enveloped her.

"Oh, you will have your chance," Julian said, with a serious look. "For now, I need to taste you. I've wanted to taste you all bloody week long woman," Julian said, freeing Diana from her baggy pajama top and bottoms. He was happy to see she did not wear panties or a bra. Dropping to his knees, Julian caressed
her smooth silky thighs as he slowly kissed her stomach. He reveled in the fact that he made her body quiver upon touching her.

Satisfied by her moans and whimpers, he slowly licked his way down towards her navel. With each passing moment, perspiration clung to her wanton flesh as Diana slowly inched forward, her buttocks nearly off the edge of her bed. Her body trembled beneath his touch as she achingly waited for the moment he would
pay attention to the spot that yearned for his tongue the most. Teasing her with soft wet kisses around her mound as she eagerly spread her thighs even wider for him, Julian inhaled Diana's sweet musky fragrance. It was all he could do to contain himself as his erection boldly pressed against the soft faded blue denim
of his jeans.

Diana leaned back on her elbows and began to caress her breasts and pinched her nipples which had grown two-fold. Her moans grew louder as Julian came achingly near her sweet spot. His eyes sparkled as he slowly licked her smooth clean-shaven pussy lips, teasing her, bringing her to the edge as he licked and gently nibbled her inner thighs. Julian repeated this several times, grinning at Diana's tortured moans. Gently, he felt the velvety smoothness of her pussy lips, damn near causing him to relinquish all control and devouring her. Her pussy was just that damned good, Julian thought.

Spreading her legs as wide as he could, he massaged Diana's clitoris with his thumb, pulling back the hood. With his other hand, he teased her tender, swollen flesh, enjoying the contrast of pink against her dark brown skin. Slowly, he slid a finger inside her while continuing his sweet manipulation of her clit.

"Julian," Diana called out. Legs shaking, and perspiration beading her flesh, Diana began gyrating her hips as Julian matched the tempo with his finger, eventually sliding another in.

"That's right darling, call my name," Julian coaxed, his pre-come forming a large wet spot on his faded blue jeans. "Your pussy is so pink, so wet," he teased.

"Eat me Julian, please," Diana begged as she continued to pinch her nipples and squeezing her full breasts, shoving her crotch against Julian's probing fingers. "Ummm, in due time my sweet, in due time," the vampire teased. "My God,you're creaming all over my fingers and hand," he murmured.. "You really have
missed me."

At Diana's protests, Julian slowly pulled his fingers out of her pussy, once more teasing her so much, she believed she'd lose her fucking mind. "Julian, I can't take this anymore, it…it hurts," Diana gasped. "It fucking hurts, you're making me wetter and wetter, and I need your cock, tongue, something, anything," Diana moaned, feeling like a bitch in heat.

"Awww, tell Julian where it hurts. Is it here?" he asked as innocently as a vampire could. Slowly, gently, he kissed her swollen labia, quickly pulling his face away as she bucked against him. "What about here?" Julian asked, spreading her creamy folds apart, slipping a tongue inside, savoring her sweet juices.

"Yes, oh yes Julian. There. Oh Please, yes right there. Don't stop," she hissed as he rocked her body with endless pleasure from what his tongue was doing to her. His thick, long vampire tongue reached so far inside her, she thought she'd come on the spot as she baptized Julian's face with her juices. All the other times he ate her out was fabulous, the best she'd ever had, but for some reason this was absolutely different.

Slowly, he licked her slit from bottom to top, worshipping the swollen fleshy nub that so craved his attention. Like a juicy peach, he suckled, then placing it between his teeth, gently nibbled at it as he inserted two fingers inside her, causing Diana to wildly buck against his fingers. To her, he couldn't go deep enough. Arching her back, she pulled his hair as she continuously creamed on his fingers.

"Oh fuck. Why do I let you do this to me?" Diana cried out, all control lost to her.

Grunting against her flesh at her question, Julian continued pumping his fingers deep inside her until she screamed like a banshee. Her body left this world and journeyed to the next. An intense orgasm centering in her core rippled through her body, like a pebble in a pond. Julian continued his fierce pumping action of his fingers as he lifted his head from her drenched sex. The mixture of his skilled fingers, husky voice, and the intense glow of his eyes brought her to a second powerful orgasm.

"That's right, come for me, Diana," Julian coaxed in a deep growl as he reached for one of Diana's perky, dark nipples. Running his thumb across her clit caused her to tighten her thighs around his neck, lifting her ass off the edge of the bed until suddenly, her body returned to earth, feeling fully charged, her carnal desires almost sated.

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