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Friday, December 18, 2009

Dare To Love In Oz/Melting The Slopes by William Maltese

Release Date: December 2009
Author Website:
Publisher: Savant Books and Publications, LLC
Buy Link: 
Genre: mainstream romantic adventure

Blurb: In the Australian outback (Oz), Gerald and Jane, venom toxicologists, are forced to face burgeoning love, deceit, a serial killer, and a horrendously devastating sandstorm.  

Release Date: December 2009
Author Website:
Publisher: MLR Press
Buy Link:
Genre: m/m anthology (with Jason Edding and Ethan Day)

Blurb: How much heat do men need to melt so much snow? Erotic m/m tales based upon hot sex, cold snow, and hot drinks.

Welcome WILLIAM! What are your Sizzling Releases for December? 
I’ve two, this month, Rie.

DARE TO LOVE IN OZ, for Savant Books and Publications, is my return to mainstream romantic adventure, having been away from the genre ever since I had nine international best-sellers of it, including three Superromances (as Willa Lambert for Harlequin) that went into fourteen different foreign-language editions.

MELTING THE SLOPES, written with Jason Edding and Ethan Day, for MLR Press, is an anthology with m/m erotic short stories, each of which includes the ingredients hot sex, cold snow, and a hot drink.

What are DARE TO LOVE IN OZ and MELTING THE SLOPES all about? 
DARE TO LOVE IN OZ is a mainstream adventurous love story that takes place within a deadly Australian sandstorm, as two toxicologists try to reach, then reach, a desert laboratory where they find a serial killer on the loose.
MELTING THE SLOPES includes my Bottoms-Up as one of the anthology stories that had the editorial prerequisite of needing, hot m/m sex, cold snow, and a hot drink. My tale provides shots of espionage, intrigue, and true love, played out against the backdrop snowfalls of Berlin, London, Romania, Paris, and Aspen. My recurring drink is the warm and wondrous Pousse Café that everyone should drink, at least once in his or her lifetime, remembering to blow out the flame, as soon as it’s presented, or watch it all burn away.

It all sounds so intriguing! How did you come up with the ideas? 
DARE TO LOVE IN OZ is based upon an idea that came to me while I was in Australia, for not the first time, not that long ago, attending a seminar on all things, flora and fauna, indigenous to the continent and deadly as hell. Within that same time period, I dabbled in a bit of opal hunting, and had the great adventure (hairy-scary) of being subjected to one of the truly large sandstorms that sometimes blanket and sandblasts huge areas of the Australian terrain. All rather derring-do romantic, if daunting, and suddenly having had me eager, once again, to write a mainstream novel that explores true love managing to survive pretty much anything. Of course, I couldn’t help throwing in a serial killer for good measure.

Bottom’s Uin MELTING THE SLOPES is the direct result of the coincidence that had MLR Press editor Kris Jacen, along with Jason Edding, Ethan Day, and I, all together in the very same on-line chat room, one day. Kris suddenly brainstormed the whole idea, and, quite spontaneously, Jason, Ethan, and I, all leapt on board, with the approval of Laura Baumbach, publisher of MLR Press, who gave the book the official publishing go-ahead. The rest, as the cliché goes, is history.

I realize these are your two-hundred-plus-something and two-hundred-plus-something-else books to be published. Can you even remember what it was like when you received the news that Greenleaf Classics, back in the halcyon golden days of gay fiction, offered you your first contract? Did you do anything special to celebrate?
I was sunbathing in Seattle’s Volunteer Park at the time, not long out of having served my three-year enlistment in the U.S. Army; I’d been discharged at nearby Fort Lewis, and I was taking it easy for a couple summer months before heading off to advantage my university degree in Marketing/Advertising via interviews already set up for me in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. The envelope, with the Greenleaf Classics’ contract enclosed, was hand-carried to me by a friend, definitely curious, with whom I was staying at the time. My immediate response, upon opening and reading the good news, was some joyful finger-pointing and all-and-out laughter; all aimed at my friend who had predicted my book would never be accepted. After that, we celebrated the publication, just as we’d on-going celebrated the writing, by getting piss-faced drunk and laughing up a storm while I read the sex-scenes from the manuscript.

Now that's something I'd like to see! :) But on with the interview, now that DARE TO LOVE IN OZ and MELTING THE SLOPES have been released, what are you working on?
My I, DEBAUCHEE, first book of my “William Maltese ‘I’ series” for MLR Press is already with my editor, Kris Jacen, who assure me that it’s next on her list and should be “out the door and to the printers” sometime this month. This has me hoping for its appearance on book shelves sometime just after the turn of the New Year.  Of course, you never can tell about these sorts of things. Kris has just moved to New York State from Hawaii, after all, and who knows but that the next couple of weeks might see her frozen to death before she gets her go-through of the book completed.

Also, somewhere in the hopefully not-too-distant future, will be the appearance of my m/m short story, Ludus Scaenicus Mortis Rubrae, scheduled for the MLR Press anthology RED. I’m looking forward to seeing this book make it’s appearance if just because I really am particularly fond of its cover  although I think the covers, fore and aft, that Deana Jamroz did for my I, DEBAUCHEE remains my favorite.

Thank you so much for joining me, Mr. Maltese. Is there anything else you'd like the readers to know?
I’d like your readers to keep a close look-out for the appearance on the scene, sometime next year, from Savant Books and Publications, of the print edition of my mainstream teen-angst vampire, werewolf, warlock, witch, shape-shifter, dragon, demon, candle-reader novel, FLICKER: TEEN-WARRIOR SAGA. First serialized by me and candle-maker Jfay on MySpace, where it gleaned over 6000 “friends”, and saw several truly magnificent candles and wax figurines made by Jfay to complement the story-line, this book, hopefully but one of many in a series, is a particular favorite of mine.

It, also, looks as if I’ll be involved in packaging at least three graphic novels for publication in 2010, one of which is a story of my very own, for a publisher who has, also, asked me to join in the formation of an exciting new on-line erotica destination. I’m hoping to make more of my short fiction available, through this hopefully soon-to-be-available new outlet, and bring along some of my fellow authors and their work to the party.

Finally, of course, if you need a special holiday gift, be sure to stop by The Pirates’ Booty Page to order up one of my William Maltese signature pirate T-shirts, “Dead Man’s Chest”, “Dead Man’s Chest and a Barrel of Rum”, and “En Garde
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Speaking of the holidays, Rie… Do let me wish you and yours, and all of your readers and mine, a very Merry and a genuinely Happy before I forget (my memory not being nearly what it once was).


  1. Congrats on your YA vampire series, Bro!

    I'm dying to hear more about this "new outlet" (publisher) you speak of... interesting.

    Will definitely be picking up a copy of Melting the Slopes. Good luck on your Dare to Love in Oz too.


  2. Awesome stuff William! As always you've got a lot of exciting things going on! Cannot wait for the release of FLICKER!!

  3. A whirlwind of writing and promotional activity as always, William. You are simply brilliant and diverse!

  4. Harumph. The man has no shame. Which I suppose is exactly why I love him.