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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Dragon Slayer by Fiona Jayde

Title: Dragon Slayer
Release Date: Nov 23, 2009
Author: Fiona Jayde
Publisher: Noble Romance
Genre: Fantasy/Action Adventure Romance

A Dragon's Curse
Griall must find the woman who can
 release him from the curse before he could become a Death Beast like his father. Even if the man inside him craves the Dragon Slayer's touch, he knows she must destroy the beast inside him.

A Slayer's Pride
Xara cannot escape the lie her life is built on. A Slayer who has never fought a dragon, she’ll never feel the strength to be the one Griall seeks. Surely, a Slayer wouldn’t allow herself to love a beast, and yet Xara must find a Slayer’s power to kill this dragon before his curse consumes him.

Welcome to Sizzling Releases. I am so happy to have you here today and to hear all about your latest sizzling release! 

Thank you! I’m thrilled to be here! My latest sizzling release is a new high-fantasy romance titled Dragon Slayer released by Noble Romance Publishing.

What is Dragon Slayer all about?

Dragon Slayer is high-fantasy shifter romance, complete with sword fights, wizards, magic, castles, fiery passion and a deadly curse. And of course a sexy tortured hero with scale tattoos and a kick-ass sword wielding heroine who has to guard her secret.

That sounds awesome! How did you come up with the idea?

Thank you! The concept for Dragon Slayer started rather simple – I wanted to do a shapeshifter. And somehow I had it in my head that it had to be a dragon shapeshifter hero. And me being me – I had to have some sort of action/adventure involved which  begged for a kick-ass heroine. The next thing I knew, I had a heroine who never actually fought a dragon and a dragon who was seriously afraid of his destiny. The rest was figuring out how to get them deeper into trouble. 

I'm a big fan of your GrimJustin series, tell me about some of your other published works.

I have a number of books in various other genres – although this one is my first fantasy. My previous release was part of the Ellora’s Cavemen anthology with a contemp spy-thriller titled Pitch Black. Before then, it was a contemp novella for an office-romance titled Booty Call, and a collection release of my very first published works – a sci-fi series GrimJustin. All these can be found on my website at 

What can we expect from you in the future, Fi?

I have a number of releases lined up in spring of 2010 and they are all in different genres! (This is why I adore digital publishing!) I’ll have a sci-fi space opera titled Cold Victory releasing in Febuary, a contemporary romantic suspense titled Pas de Deux in March and a time travel pirate adventure in April.  

Thank you for joining me. Is there anything else you'd like the readers to know?

Thank you for having me! Please visit my website and let me know what you think. I adore reader feedback!

She couldn’t breathe with his hands on her, couldn’t think with him this close. A dragon. An enemy. Her body did not care.

"Don’t touch me."

He gave her a mocking, lethal smile. "What will you do to make me stop?"

She plowed her fist into his face, heard the crack of bone. Watched as that sensual mouth bled, those light eyes narrowed. Surely he'd shift into the dragon now. His scales, his teeth would cool the lust inside her belly.

She willed him to turn into the beast. Lifted a fist again. Froze mid-swing when he pulled her toward him, tumbling them both onto the grass. She rolled on top of him, struggling to push his arms over his head. The fire in her belly flared as she cradled him between her thighs, the heat of his arousal hot and urgent against her.

She arched toward him, as forbidden pleasure coiled. While her head screamed stop, arousal bloomed inside her as she struggled, pushing herself into him, wanting more, needing more contact.

Her hands were now above her head, his heat fueling the tension gripping every muscle. Watching her eyes, Griall took his weight off her, eased to the side, claimed both her wrists in one large fist while she struggled to breathe, to calm, to think.

Slowly, his free hand traveled up, those clever fingers brushing over her lips, tracing a dark path over her neck.

She should have stopped him. She did not.

Purr-fect Seduction by H.C. Brown

Title: Purr-fect Seduction
Release Date: November 11 2009
Author: H.C.Brown
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Buy Link:
Genre: Paranormal Erotic Romance

Blurb: Jill Morfranna, a sassy redhead from New York, is enjoying a photo shoot in the Scottish Highlands when she stumbles into an alternate realm. Trapped in a frightening world of strange creatures, her life turns upside down when a sinfully handsome shape-shifter kidnaps her. Will she win Dare of Knight Watch’s heart or will he trade her for his sister at the next slave auction?

Welcome H.C.Brown! What is your Sizzling Release?
Hi, it’s great to be here.
My sizzling release is Purr-fect Seduction. The first in the Pride Brothers Series.

What is Purr-fect Seduction all about?
Jill Morfranna, a sassy redhead from New York, is enjoying a photo shoot in the Scottish Highlands when she stumbles into an alternate realm. Trapped in a frightening world of strange creatures, her life turns upside down when a sinfully handsome shape-shifter kidnaps her. Will she win Dare of Knight Watch’s heart or will he trade her for his sister at the next slave auction?

That sounds like a fun read. How did you come up with the idea?
I wanted to write a shape shifter series that was different to the rest. I guess, that’s the goal of every writer - to do something a little different. The heroes, the Knight Watch princes, came to me in a dream. Their names came first, then their vastly different personalities and sexual preferences. The magical world they live in gives them the ability to travel to past and future worlds. I needed this luxury to develop a wide variety of story lines.

I know you have quite a backlist, Heather, tell me about some of your other books.
Betrothed to the Enemy- Noble Romance is a Historical Romance set in 1067. It follows the life of Lady Angela of Parr, when she is taken from her home and betrothed to an old Norman knight. My hero Sir Damien wins her heart but has to defy King William to save her from a marriage to a brutal man.
Forbidden Love – Noble Romance. I am privileged to have my story Forbidden included in this M/M anthology.
Murder By Design - Pocket Book Publishing – A murder mystery set in Australia.

Now that Purr-fect Seduction has been released, what are you working on?
Number three in the Pride Brothers Series, Sizzle, is nearly completed. I’m working on a very HOT M/M novella and an erotic vamp novel with a twist.
I have another Mystery in the editing/polishing stages.

Thank you for joining me. Is there anything else you'd like the readers to know?
My Purr-fect Alphas, the second in the Pride Brothers Series – Noble Romance -is due out in January 2010.
Thank you for having me today. J

Purr-fect Seduction- H.C.Brown

The croaking frogs and the evening song of tropical birds serenaded them, and Dare’s powerful scent consumed her being, filling her with a frightening erotic desire. His gentle touch sent tongues of flames through her, awakening a longing in her she did not know existed. How long had she dreamed of finding a man who would hold her just like this? Who would desire her as much as she desired him? She craved his touch, and the realization both frightened and enthralled her. I’d give up everything, my family, my home . . . anything at all just to have him.

She caught her breath when his caressing hands moved slowly up to her breasts. She moaned as he cupped them, groaned when he rolled her taught nipples between his callused fingers, tugging them into hard peaks. His warm lips sucked at her earlobe, and when his hot tongue trailed down her neck, the delightful sensation sent shivers down her back.

“So sweet, so innocent . . . your heart flutters under my embrace. Let me teach you to fly, little dove.”

He rose and lifted her into his arms, turning her to face him. His warm hands snaked under her tunic and he captured her bare breast and she gasped. Warm tingles of pleasure engulfed her when his fingers pulled at her aching nipples. She pushed her breasts toward him, wanting more of this delightful sensation.

“My touch pleases you. Your skin is so soft, and your nipples call to me to suck them. Do you want more of me, little dove?”

Jill drew a deep, steadying breath. Decision time. Memories of a life spent alone—always a bride’s maid, never a bride—flashed through her mind. Hell, she decided. Life is too short, and a chance like this may never come again. “Yes, teach me everything.”

Jill pushed trembling fingers into the raven silk that framed his face and brushed her tongue across his bottom lip. A ripple went through his body and he made a growling sound.

“Everything? But you’re so innocent. Are you sure, little one?”


He took her mouth fiercely, deeply. He tasted divine, hot, musky. His spicy tongue lashed the inside of her mouth, molding her to his will. His kisses became deeper; his warm hand teased a nipple while the other slid around her waist, enclosing her in sweet passion. Pulling him closer, she kissed him back, melting beneath his touch. She pushed against his fingers to ease her insatiable need. He pressed closer and the heat from his body burned her skin. His thick cock pushed into her stomach, pulsed against her skin, proof of his desire for her. She wanted this, wanted his touch, his lips, his body hard against her, deep inside her.

The cat inside Dare roared with pleasure as he lifted Jill into his arms and carried her into the cave. He bent to lay her gently on the sheepskin. Flames from the fire sent velvet shadows dancing across the walls, and the hot, spicy aroma from the stew hung faintly in the air. He removed her tunic, and tossed it to one side, and the sweet moan from her lips made him burn with desire for her. She laid before him, gloriously naked, all dewy-eyed innocence. Her skin looked so delicate in the fire’s glow. Damp curls framed her pink flushed cheeks and flowed across her shoulders in glistening gold highlights. The warm, luscious scent of female arousal surrounded him and his inner cat purred.

“Do you want me inside you, Jill, as your first?” he said huskily. He removed his loincloth, and lay down beside her. Her pure white breasts firmed under his touch, her deep red nipples reached toward him.

He wanted to taste her, to bury his tongue into her slick wet folds and suckle her hard pearl. He craved her, desiring only to drive her over the edge in insurmountable passion. He looked into her eyes but she showed no fear. Only need burned in those twin emerald pools, desperate need for him.

“I want you, Dare. I want you to touch me, to love me. Teach me how to love you.” She reached for him.

He took her lips again, sweet as spiced apples. She moaned in his mouth, and the delightful sound sent blood rushing to his cock with such speed his ears rang.

“Wrap my tunic around your neck. My cat is anxious, and I don’t want to bite you.”

He handed Jill the tunic, and she covered her neck. Dare slowly licked his way around each breast and purred. Her damp skin tasted sweet. The potent scent of aroused female surrounded him. He watched her as he scraped his fangs over each nipple before suckling hard. She looked so delicious, so wanton, writhing beneath his touch, but he must wait to plunge deep within her heat. He groaned as his cat demanded so much more. The need to bite, to sink his fangs into that tender white skin, threatened to overwhelm him. He craved to suck and savor her hot, sweet metallic blood. He looked up into her eyes, and she smiled so innocently and arched her back in a silent plea for more.

His control slipped, and his inner cat roared. Mine. Bite her. I need her. Now.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Prince Of Dreams by Megan Hussey

Title: Prince of Dreams
Release Date: 11/17/09
Author: Megan Hussey
Author Website:
Publisher: Noble Romance
Buy Link:
Genre: Time travel erotica

Blurb: In the erotic time travel story Prince of Dreams, an everyday modern woman finds passion and romance in the arms of a Renaissance prince. 
In planning a school-based Renaissance fair, plus-sized teacher Juditha Collins suddenly finds herself short one prince.  Searching for inspiration, she turns to a favorite book that contains fanciful stories and mystical illustrations from that time period.
She falls asleep with her head full of Renaissance dreams, and awakens next to gorgeous Prince Valentin, who has arisen from the book.  He informs Juditha that she has broken the curse that bound him to its pages; in return, he offers his body and all the pleasure he can bring her.
While embarking on a passionate affair, the two also teach each other valuable--and often humorous--lessons about their respective time periods.  Yet can true love transcend the boundaries of time?

Welcome to my blog, Megan! What Sizzling Release do you have for us today?
Thanks, I’m so pleased to be here!  My latest release is Prince of Dreams, a humorous time travel erotica story from Noble Romance.

What is Prince Of Dreams all about? 
Prince of Dreams is an erotic time travel story that concerns a plus-sized history professor planning a Renaissance fair.  When her original prince falls ill, she finds a more than suitable replacement in a real-life Renaissance prince who emerges from the pages of a textbook.  The gorgeous Valentin romances and seduces the shocked—but very happy—Juditha.

That's awesome you wrote about a plus size woman! How did you come up with the idea?  
I’ve always been intrigued by the Renaissance time period, and I find Renaissance fairs very romantic.  And I really wanted to pair up a gorgeous prince with a practical, everyday modern woman. 

Tell the readers about some of your other Sizzling Releases, Megan.
Going into alphabetical order modeJ, my single-title works are Passion’s Tapestry and Graphic Sexuality (historical and scifi erotic e-books) from Blade Publishing, Wild Sirens through Class Act Books (merman erotica in paperback and e-book), Azure Masquerade and Passion Storm (merman erotica e-books) and All the Queen’s Men and Vampire Nights author’s erotic anthologies (paperback and e-book) from Midnight Showcase Fiction, and Under Cover of the Night: The First Book of Nuit from Phaze (vampire erotic e-book).  I have stories in about eight Midnight Showcase digests. 

What can we expect from you in the future?  
Up next is Graphic Passions, the scifi erotic sequel to Graphic Sexuality from Blade; I’m also in process of finishing Angel on Fire: The Second Book of Nuit for Phaze.  

Thank you for joining me. Is there anything else you'd like the readers to know?  
If I could UPS you a merman, vamp, or time-travelling Renaissance stud for Christmas I would; but since since I can’t, I’ll continue to write naughty stories for your pleasure. I hope you enjoy the excerpt in the meantime. J 


Valentin raised a finger for emphasis. “Men of your time have no grasp on the concepts of chivalry or courtly manners.” His tone softened as he knelt beside her and stared down at her with deep emotion evident on his handsome face. “And they know not a prize when they see one.”

He dipped his head and kissed her, gently pulled her arms away so he could feast on her breasts. Her nipples hardened as he laved them with his tongue. Juditha rolled her hips in silent invitation, needing more.

Finally, his hands drifted lower, his fingertips tickling the sensitive flesh at the waistband of her white cotton panties before slipping inside. “May I, milady?” His other hand fixed itself around her waist. “May I have the honor of bringing you pleasure?”

Juditha’s eyes actually rolled back into her head as she considered her lover’s offer. “Uh, I’m gonna’ venture to say ‘yes?’” She offered him a trembling smile. Despite the cavalier words, her heart raced and she felt anything but calm.

With a soft smile, Valentin stroked the area above her feminine folds. Juditha sucked in a breath and lifted her hips, pressing her pussy against his seeking fingers. With every caress, her clit tingled and her pussy grew wetter. Needing something to hold onto, she reached for him, pulled his head down until his lips met hers. 

After a moment, he broke the kiss. “A prince must pay homage to the princess of
his court.” He leaned forward to nibble the tender nape of her neck and whisper in her
ear. “Tonight you reign as my princess.” 

“I can think of worse ways to spend an evening.” Chills raced down Juditha’s arms and her breath quickened as spirals of ecstasy washed through her pussy, cascading upward through the pit of her stomach to tighten her already hardened nipples. 

Valentin suckled her breasts as he continued rhythmically stroking her clit. The tension built and her feet tingled. 

“Oh, God.” She gasped. “I’m going to come.” Valentin plunged two fingers inside her and just like that, she exploded, her pussy spasming around his thrusting digits.

Monday, November 16, 2009

The Enchanted Flute by Nichelle Gregory

Title: The Enchanted Flute
Release Date: Nov. 16, 2009
Author: Nichelle Gregory
Author Website:
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Genre: Erotic Fairytale

BlurbWhen a beautiful enchantress awakens from her slumber to soul-stirring music, she reveals herself to the gifted, gorgeous flutist playing nearby.  Lanai is at once attracted to Arye and moved by his melodies.  After a sizzling night of sex, the enchantress realizes she’s fallen in love for the first time.

Lanai offers her love to the Arye, a man that has never loved anything more than his flute.  Although, the enchantress could use magic to win his heart, she wants him to love her on his own. Heartbroken and bitter, she casts a powerful spell over the flutist instrument that causes listeners to act out whatever emotion Ayre is feeling at the moment and disappears.  

Unable to control his thoughts and fearful of harming his adoring audience, Ayre now only plays his enchanted flute when he is alone.  Angry and determined, he spends his time searching for Lanai.  Years go by and Ayre begins to give up hope that he will ever find the woman that consumes his thoughts and fuels his lustful desires.  When he finally stumbles across the enchantress, Ayre is torn between fury and desire…or is it love? 

Welcome Nichelle Gregory! What is your Sizzling Release?  

The Enchanted Flute

What is The Enchanted Flute all about?  

The Enchanted Flute is the first in a series of short story fairytales entitled Erotic Enchantments.  It’s a sexy fast-paced magical tale that circles the gamut of human emotions. There’s desire, passion, rage and heartbreak as my heroine and hero both learn how to love.  

That sounds like an amazing story. How did you come up with the idea?  

My husband plays the flute and when he’s in the zone, it’s hard to break his concentration.  He was playing one night as I was trying to talk to him, but I could see that he hadn’t heard one word I said because the beloved flute had his full attention.  In that moment, the idea behind The Enchanted Flute was born!

I know this is your first published work Nichelle, so tell me what happened when your got the news Noble Romance was going to offer you a contract.  

I stared at the email in disbelief, rereading it over and over with a smile.  My husband was putting the kids in bed so I had to wait quietly until he was done to share the happy news. 

Becoming a published author has fulfilled one of my dreams and looking at my first cover is surreal.  I’m thrilled to have two other short stories coming out with NRP before the end of the year!

Now that The Enchanted Flute has been released, what are you working on?  

I enjoy writing in many different genres.  I’m currently working on a hot full-length paranormal romance and several short stories. 

Thank you for joining me. Is there anything else you'd like the readers to know?

If you’re ready to indulge your secret fetishes and desires, experience one of my titillating tales at and

I promise a fast-paced read with engaging characters discovering love or lust and of course delicious sex!  

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sammy Dane by Stormy Glenn

Title: Sammy Dane
Release Date: 11/09/2009
Author: Stormy Glenn
Author Website:
Publisher: Noble Romance Publishing
Buy Link:
Genre: Erotic, Contemporary, M/M Romance

Police Officer James Everson seems to go from one guy to another, never finding exactly what he wants. Frustrated and out of sorts he goes to a local gay bar in the hopes of finding a guy and burning off some steam. What he finds is Sammy.

Samuel Dane Summers is a confirmed geek. He has all the classic symptoms, glasses, baggy slacks, white button down shirts. He's a vegetarian. He forgets everything from paying his bills to locking his doors. Sammy needs a keeper. The one good thing he does is write erotic gay romance novels.

When these two meet, the fireworks explode. Sammy rocks James's world, giving him the best sexual experience of his life. When it's over, Sammy disappears.

James is devastated. He becomes obsessed with finding Sammy again. But an obsessed fan also wants to get his hands on Sammy, believing the books Sammy writes is their love story and he's not above taking James out of the picture to do it. Can James save his sexy little writer before it's too late or will he lose him forever?

Welcome Stormy Glenn! What is your new Sizzling Release?

Sammy Dane, an erotic contemporary M/M romance

What is Sammy Dane all about?

Sammy and James. Sammy was kind of my pet project for this story. I played the “what if” game with him. What if I had this character that was a total nerd, forgetful, lost, etc…except in the bedroom, where he was a master. And what if he met the man of his dreams, a total dominant man, except in the bedroom? It just kind of went from there. Sammy is an author of erotic gay romances and he wants try every little thing he's ever read or written about out on James, a man that has always been a top and suddenly finds himself on the bottom. It was a fun write.

That sounds kinda kinky! How did you come up with the idea?

Actually? I was home sick that entire week. I had nothing else to do but write, which isn't that much different from what I usually do. Not even sure I slept much that week.

As for the idea of Sammy Dane?  I don't quite remember where I got the idea but I sure had fun writing it. It mostly had to do with the “what if” game I like to play with my characters. What if this happened…

I know you have quite a backlist, Stormy, tell me about some of your other books.

His Gentle Touch was my last book released before Sammy Dane. “Micah and Gideon are both looking for that special someone, but when they find each other it seems almost too perfect. After a few misunderstandings they are determined to make things work. But can they trust in their new relationship when someone accuses Gideon of a crime he didn't commit?”

I also have a few new books coming out soon. No exact release dates yet but I think Blood Prince will be next. It's my first vampire novel so I am very excited about it. It is also the 4th book in my Wolf Creek Pack series. “To uphold peace between werewolves and vampires, Devlin Morgan, a werewolf, must return the body of a deceased vampire princess to her coven. When Devlin meets the princess' brother, Prince Zacarius Ivinovav, he knows they're destined for each other, but will the animosity that still exists between werewolves and vampires lead to the end of their mating?”

Now that Sammy Dane has been released, what are you working on?

I just finished Unspoken Desires, the 5th book in my Tri Omega Mates series so now I'm on to one of my other WIP's. I have zillions. You should check out my WIP on my website. That might give you a better idea…

I'd like to finish Mating Heat soon as the little elf princess has been screaming at me to get on with her story. Apparently, she has plans for her two sexy werewolves and she wants to get to them.

Thank you for joining me. Is there anything else you'd like the readers to know?

Thanks for being there for me. Without my readers, I wouldn't be able to do what I love doing so much. I have the greatest job in the world and the greatest fans. I also want my readers to know that I have plenty more books coming. I've kind of grown obsessed with writing and I'm always coming up with something new. I really have no idea where my next idea might come from or what I'll be working on next so check my website often. And thanks for having me.

And now for a sizzling excerpt!

Sammy Dane Adult Excerpt
      “Come on,” Dane said as he unlocked the door. He bent down and picked up a small package off the porch and walked in. James raised a curious brow when Dane took the package directly to the garbage can and tossed it inside. What the . . . ?
      “This way.” Dane headed down the hallway.
      James shrugged. None of his business, anyway. In fact, he hoped they could keep the small talk to a minimum. He didn’t want to know the man’s life story or how many boyfriends he’d had or anything really personal. He just wanted to get down to the good stuff.
      Dane paused at a doorway at the end of the hall to look back at him, much as he had at the bar. “Coming?” he asked right before he stepped into the room.
      “Uh, yeah,” James replied, hurrying down the hallway. He skidded to a halt, his eyes nearly bugged out of his head. Dane stood in the middle of the bedroom, half-dressed. The sight of Dane’s bare upper torso brought James’s cock back to attention.
      Dane took off his glasses and set them on the nightstand. He opened one of the drawers and took out a piece of paper. He held it out to James. “My most recent test results. I’m clean. There’s also lube and plenty of condoms in here. Better safe than sorry.”
      “Yeah,” James said, starting to feel a little funny about the situation. He was getting exactly what he wanted, sex with no strings. So, why was he uncomfortable? “I have mine right here.” He pulled out his wallet and grabbed the folded piece of paper he always kept on him. He handed it over to Dane before stripping his clothes off as he watched the man skim the paper carefully then hand it back.
      “Cool,” Dane said and pushed his librarian-style khaki pants to his ankles.
      James’s mouth dropped open as he stared down at Dane’s body. No way. No way a man as lanky as Dane could sport that size of a hard on. He had heard his brother brag about how big Troy was but he didn’t think Troy would hold a candle to this man. Dane was huge, much bigger than anything James had ever seen in person.
      Dane stepped closer. He reached up and caressed the side of James’s face. “Don’t worry, James. By the time I’m done stretching you out, it’ll fit just fine.”
      “Oh, uh, I don’t—I’ve never—” James stammered. Dane expected to top him? James had never been topped in his life. He did the topping. He did the fucking. He did the—well, he was the one on top.
      Dane stepped closer. His breath brushed against James’s cheek. “Don’t worry, sweetheart, I’ll go easy on you.”
      James gasped as Dane pushed him back onto the bed. Before he could protest, Dane covered him, his lips and tongue and hands everywhere at once, licking, caressing, stroking, nipping. James’s mind went numb and he forgot his protests and concentrated on the pleasure Dane created in his body.
      “You’re so fucking responsive,” Dane whispered as he licked his way up James’s neck. “Do you know what a turn on that is?”
      James shook his head.
      Dane grabbed James’s hand and placed it on his hard cock. “See what it does to me? How hot you make me?” Dane growled. “I’m going to fuck you so hard you’ll feel me for a week.”
      James groaned. Dane’s words were arousing him to new levels. No one had ever talked to him like that. His cock throbbed where it lay against Dane’s thigh. The idea of being fucked incited both fear and excitement. But when Dane bent down and took James’s cock into his mouth, James forgot all about his trepidations.
      “Oh fuck!” he groaned loudly.
      James’s heart raced and all the blood in his body shot down to his cock leaving him aching and engorged. Dane didn’t seem to notice James’s discomfort. He just continued what he was doing, driving James out of his ever loving mind.
      Dane slid his hot mouth all the way down James’s dick until his nose hit James’s groin. James could feel the head of his cock hit the back of Dane’s throat. Tight lips massaged his shaft. The longest tongue James had ever felt wrapped around him.
      James’s moved his hips, humping against Dane uncontrollably. He fisted his hands in Dane’s hair, seeking some semblance of control. The situation had moved forward so fast, James could barely catch his breath.
      “Uh uh,” Dane said as he let go of James’s cock and grabbed his wrists. “None of that.”
      James scrunched his forehead in confusion. None of what?
      He had his answer when Dane pushed his hands back over the top of his head. James started to look up to see what Dane was fiddling with when he felt cold metal close over his wrists and heard the unmistakable sounds of handcuffs clicking closed.
      “What the fu—”
      “Shh, sweetheart,” Dane crooned. He placed the key in James’s hand. “You can release yourself whenever you want to and leave but I promise you, if you stay, I will give you an experience you will never forget.”
      Dane scooted back down James’s body. “I promise not to do anything you won’t enjoy.”
      With that, Dane dove back down on James’s cock. James’s fist closed over the key. He didn’t unlock the cuffs. He was too busy losing his mind again. Dane had started swallowing around his cock again. He couldn’t imagine ever asking Dane to stop. He’d have to be dead first.